I’m Baaaaack!

I’m back b!tches! Just kidding. I love you all. But, seriously, I’m back! The last couple of months have been tough and I had to take a break from blogging. But here I am, refreshed and ready to go! I want to give a super big thanks to Emily for holding down the fort yet again. I owe you some paleo cookies or at least  a paleo stuffed banana. 


The last couple of months have been weird. I got a new job, bought a house and went through this weird workout funk. I think at one point I took two weeks off the gym. Which is weird and awkward for me. I don’t know what caused it or why I literally wanted to do anything but CrossFit. Has that ever happened to you? Needing to take a break from something you love for absolutely no reason? No? I am the only weirdo? Okay then…

CrossFit is literally the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about before going to bed (this might have something to do with the fact I go to the 5:30am class, but whatever). So, wanting to take a break blew my mind. I felt unmotivated, uninspired and just plain old crappy. I would look at the WOD in the morning and think about how I couldn’t do it. Then, I would look at the whiteboard at night and be jealous of everyone who kicked ass that day. Weird? Yes. Slightly creepy/obsessive? Probably.



Finally, after a couple of weeks I figured it was time to end my pity party and HTFU. Laying around and feeling bad for myself was not getting me anywhere. I went back to the gym the next morning and rowed 500 meters for time. I thought I was going to cry 50 meters in.  It was 2 minutes of pure suck. But it was just what I needed. I felt alive again. I was hungry. I wanted more.

This weird funk reminded me of the importance of perspective. Just because one cart falls off the track does not mean the whole train needs to derail. We all have so much to be thankful for; our health, family, friends, career etc. I think it is far too easy to lose sight of what’s truly important to us these days. Sure it seems a lot easier to give up and make excuses when the world gets us down. But we owe it to ourselves to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and continue to move forward. We deserve to make the life we were given completely awesome. So, next time reality deals you a big ol’ FU, take the FU and throw it right back in reality’s face. We don’t have time for that, sucker.



Week Recap

So. Looking back on this week, it was a little intense. I had 4 spin classes (taught 3, took one) and 2 WODS in 4 days. Say what?? I was a little nervous about doing spin and CrossFit, but I think that the two go perfectly together. I need to let out all that lactic acid that builds up in my thunder thighs. It’s funny- my whole life, up until this past year, I’ve hated my thighs. They’ve always been large and in charge since I was a toddler and started playing soccer at the age of 3.

Chunk citaaayyy!

But now I have grown to appreciate them. They’re strong, and toned, and even though they still jiggle and I have to do a wiggle dance every time I put on jeans, I appreciate all that they do for me.

Can you tell that this is going to be a ramble of a post? Good, just wanted to prepare you.

My second WOD was fun and challenging. It was all about Olympic lifts and nailing down your form, which was a perfect WOD for this newbie. The trainer, Jared, was really helpful and kept coming over and checking in on me. It kinda reminded me of learning how to play golf- it looks so easy when you see other people doing it, but when you go to actually do the movement, there’s a million things to think about. While doing snatches, if I was concentrating on keeping the bar close to my body, then my arms would bend. If I concentrated on keeping my arms straight, then my jump would be off timing wise. It’s definitely a challenge, and I can see why people are so obsessed with CrossFit. You really want to be in there, pushing yourself harder and making yourself better. I kept thinking to myself “I KNOW I can do this, I WANT to do this, I WILL do this”… eventually!

So, Junk Yard Dog was a GREAT way for me to meet a new friend Katie, since you know, I was jumping over her and crawling underneath her. But it was a fun little warmup. Since I’m not sure of my max weight yet, Jared suggested that I start off with 45 lbs for my snatch (we were doing 3 snatches every minute for 10 minutes) and to add 10 lbs to my power cleans (same drill). I felt like I could have gone heavier, but was set on making sure I’m doing the movements correctly before I try to go all Arnold Schwarzenegger on everyone. And I’m really sore today.. so maybe I did have enough weight! Definitely want to get heavier though. Oh, and then “Everybody Dance Now” came on and I was like OH YES. THIS IS GOING DOWNNNN.

We finished off with tabata rowing, which I actually really enjoyed. I love rowing and don’t get to do it enough. And anything tabata is a killer.. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Wooooo-eeeeee. It was also nice to finish with a cardio blast (even though I ended up spinning later that night…)

Putting your name and time up on the board is really humbling and inspiring. I love seeing people that absolutely killed it, and aspire to be one of those people some day in the near future.

 Sidenote- I have a new obsession to add to my list of summer obsessions! I am IN LOVE with the Reebok RealFlex sneaks.

Reebok goodies!* 

Seriously, they’re my favorite pair of sneakers I’ve had so far. Erica posted last year about how much she loved them, and since I’m copying her with her workouts, I decided to also copy her with her shoes. I had Zigs before, which I also love, but these RealFlex ones are going to be killer for CrossFit. They’re so lightweight and mobile, yet have enough support that I didn’t feel like I was going to tip over when I was doing snatches. Definitely are the most ideal shoe for cross training that I’ve come across (and I have quite a collection of  old kicks…)

Ok, so that was CrossFit. I also had a great week at the spin studio. There have been a lot of new people coming to class, and it’s always fun to introduce people to our style of teaching over at Recycle. It also makes me work harder as an instructor because I want these newbies to keep coming back for more! I want everyone to have the same epiphany that I had after my first ride at Recycle, which was “wow.. this is the best spin class I’ve ever taken”. Clearly am aiming high here.

Last night’s ride was a little sentimental as my friend and kick-ass artist Jenna had her last ride with me. She’s leaving to go to grad school at Yale next week (total badass for being accepted into their Master of Fine Arts program.. they accept 20 students a year.. no big…) so she won’t be in my class for awhile. I love having Jenna in class because she is always so focused and in the zone and is ALWAYS on beat. It’s also nice having a fellow head bobber in class, so I’m not the only one.

Sweaty beasts. Skinny arm fake out FTW

Anyways, I did a little Jenna tribute ride with some of her favorites and it was awesome. Going to miss seeing her every day but know she is going to kill it at Yale and will come back with some gorgeous paintings to deck the walls at Recycle 🙂

What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Working out? Resting? I had a rest day tonight, and my body is so thankful. It’s Healthy Living Summit this weekend! Starting tonight, I will be meeting all of my FitFluential crushes. Tomorrow, we have a day full of workshops, a WOD sponsored by Reebok, and a bootcamp. So excited!! Who is gonna be there?


* This campaign is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. I received these workout clothes and CrossFit classes for review purposes (which I am so grateful for!!). All opinions are my own.