What’s been up/Monday Rant

Oh hi there. Long time no see!

I forgot to mention last week that I moved and have been without internet access so haven’t been able to post. Don’t even tell me to use my iPhone to do a blog post. Have you tried creating a blog post on an iPhone? My thumbs are way too fat to do that much typing. I actually still don’t even have internet at the new apartment, I’m writing this at work because it turns out no one is psyched to get up and work out at 6AM on a holiday. Who knew? I’m here people. Get your butts out of bed!!

Speaking of beds, we now have the most amazing bed at our new place and it is extremely difficult to get up in the morning. I really think I am going to become more of a hermit with this new bed, if that was even possible. Seriously, if you don’t see or hear from me for 3 days, I have probably drowned in happiness in my huge, fluffy pillows. Our goal was to make it look like a hotel bed, and this bed kicks any hotel beds ass. I will post pictures of the new place and best bed in the world as soon as everything is 100% finished!

Speaking of things I’m obsessed with… (this is the theme of the post.. “speaking of..” AKA welcome to Emily’s Stream of Consciousness”)

photo-104Why yes, that is a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk that is on it’s way to becoming our coffee table and no I did not pay an absurd amount of money for it. It was at Tom’s mother’s house, and she didn’t want it. She actually didn’t realize how cool this thing is, and I was trying to be casual about it when she said “do you guys want it?” but in reality I think I started shrieking. HOW COOL IS THIS THING? We’re both obsessed with history and traveling, and this thing is covered in old travel stickers from all over the world. It’s my favorite part of the new place, and can’t wait until we get a piece of glass fitted for the top and can start using it as a coffee table.

SPEAKING OF… new places. Even though moving is a pain in the ass, the feeling of a new apartment and decorating and making it your own and starting fresh is so exciting. We really lucked out with our place- it’s my friend’s old apartment that her parents are now renting out, so it is really comforting moving into a place that you sort of already know about. Does that make sense? I don’t know, it just feels less foreign. You see so many apartments that just seem… impersonal? Random almost. Like a train of people just go in and out of living in this one space. And with this one, it just feels like home, because I know the people who made it their home already. I’m a weirdo, I know. But it really was the first place we looked at and I thought “this feels right”. It’s so fresh and new and exciting and fun being in this amazing neighborhood where we can walk everywhere. I’m actually looking forward to going home and finishing getting settled and jumping in that BED.

SPEAKING OF… going home. Last night, we went to Tom’s mother’s again to pick up some more of his stuff (and try to steal more trunks…). Naturally, we ended up coming home way later than we anticipated and I was naturally super cranky about missing bedtime. We were schlepping in loads of boxes in the freezing cold at 10:30PM, I was being a certified bitch, complaining the whole way, and complaining we had to go move my car (I’m really pleasant when I’m tired). After the last load, we headed outside to move the car and played the fun game of “Do you have my keys?” “No, I thought you had them?” “No, are you sure you don’t have them?”

And then the realization sunk in that I had in fact, locked them inside the apartment. So, I did the logical thing and bursted into tears and started freaking out and obviously assumed we would have to sleep on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Tom took the less logical approach, Googled a 24 hour locksmith, and we were able to get inside about 30 minutes later. The moral of the story is- karma came around to bite me in the ass for being such a little bitch about my bedtime.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Apparently Erica is also still alive and is promising a post soon so stay tuned!





Thankful/Food Rant

I had this whole post planned on how I was going to be sappy and talk about everything that I’m thankful for, but then I decided to go on a food rant instead. I’ll get to the sappy stuff later!

I read this post, “Nutrition is Science” this morning from my good friend Rachele over at Strong Process. It’s worth reading the whole thing because she is a genius, but the last section stuck with me the most:

“If you’re confused about what to eat, it’s not because science is confused. It’s because the people interpreting and blaring the messages are confused. It’s because the food industry wants you to be confused so they can continue to sell you crap-in-a-box. It’s because celebrities and their know-nothing trainers are trying to get you to pay attention to them. It’s because fill-in-the-blank “expert” wants to make a million dollars on a book touting an amazing new diet where you eat only snozzberries juiced carefully into mystical water from a secret spring in Asia (I made that up, it doesn’t really exist…yet).  

Don’t be confused. Nutrition IS science, but it really isn’t that complicated when it comes to what you put in your mouth. Put REAL food on your Thanksgiving table and be grateful for how biologically equipped your body is to make use of it. Then, based on the laws of physics, you probably can’t actually burn all the calories you will consume (~4500kcal), so you should probably plan to go for a run…

So, this Thanksgiving, do yourself a favor. Don’t buy into the whole gluttony thing. I’m not saying don’t splurge and have some mashed potatoes and stuffing and pumpkin pie, I’m talking portion control. There is NO need to load your plate up so much that you can’t see the actual plate, or go back for seconds (unless it’s dessert.. kidding! Or am I…?) Take small, itty bitty portions of everything. This way, you can sample everything without feeling deprived, and I imagine that your plate will fill up pretty quick.

Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to hop off the bandwagon. We have more than a month to go until Christmas. Are you really going to constantly be saying “oh well it’s the holidays” so you can eat like crap? Do you really bust your ass ALL year long just to let it go to waste and then make another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthy? Come on, people. Remember, EVERYTHING is a choice. No one is forcing you to go to holiday parties and stuff your face with cookies and eggnog. No one is forcing you to eat 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. Like Rachele said, the messaging is telling you to do that. The messaging of the media and the tradition of the holidays. I say, start a new tradition. So many of you are already on a path to better health and happiness. Your lifestyle has changed. So break the mold. Go for a run or go teach a spin class this morning (check). Grab your family and go for a walk after dinner (double check).

Ready for the sappy part? It’s not really even a sappy part, since I’m clearly not in a sappy mood, but I want you (and me) to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving today. It’s not about stuffing our faces, or stressing about the holidays and materialism and fitting into our pants the next day. It’s about surrounding yourself with people you love and care about, and letting them know how thankful you are for having them in your life. No matter what if you’re vegan, Paleo, vegetarian, raw-dieter, food always has a way of bringing people together, so embrace spending time with your loved ones today. And embrace and be thankful for YOU. We often take it for granted how lucky we are. That we’re some of the few that are dedicating ourselves to live a long, healthy live. That we appreciate and cherish our bodies and our minds. That we even have food on our tables to be sharing with our families and friends. Seriously. This sounds so corny, but it’s true. Sometimes it hits me really hard how lucky I am- not just with my health, but with my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my new career… We get so caught up in our own little bubbles that we forget to see the big picture sometimes, and forget how fortunate we really are.

I just realized that I didn’t have a picture in this post, so here’s one of the people in my life I’m most thankful for.

What are YOU thankful for today?


Being Healthy

So, this weekend I went out to Montana for my grandmother’s funeral. Even though it was sad, it was somewhat of a relief to know that she is finally resting and at peace. And it was great to see my family that’s spread out all over the world.

And it’s kinda gorgeous out there this time of year…

I’m going to go on a bit of a ramble about health and nutrition, and just want to start off by saying that these are just my opinions, and I am NOT a registered dietician or a doctor or anything legit. Besides a fitness and food fanatic that is. Which makes me somewhat qualified to speak my mind. On my blog. So here we go.

For years, my grandparents have been in poor health. My grandfather has had multiple rounds of cancer, kidney issues, back pain, hip replacements, you name it, while my grandmother suffered from diabetes and towards the end of her life developed dementia. Much like Erica mentioned last week, I always assumed that these things ran in my family and I was more susceptible to diabetes and other health issues. But since I’ve become more educated about physical activity and nutrition, I’m sort of realizing that a lot of their health problems (and many of our nations’ health problems) could have been avoided just by exercising and eating well. I know that this isn’t rocket science, and I shouldn’t be credited for making such an earth shattering discovery (…you can credit me if you want), but it really opens up your eyes when it hits so close to home.

When my grandparents’ generation was growing up and raising kids in the 1950’s and 60’s, there wasn’t much research and education about nutrition and physical activity. As a result, much of that generation developed poor eating habits that stuck with them for life. And look at all of the health problems that most of our grandparents are faced with! Look in your grandparents’ (or parents’) kitchens, and count how many pill bottles are in there. For everything- blood pressure, heart rate, diabetes, arthritis, constipation (ew), you name it. I just can’t help but think that maybe if doctors prescribed eating well and going for a walk a few times a week, the number of pill bottles would go way down. I’ve been studying for my personal training test and there’s tons of evidence (by people way smarter than me) about the direct link between preventing chronic disease and nutrition. So WTF?? I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but why isn’t this a bigger issue? Why isn’t everyone waking the f*ck up?!

Also- do you know that only 31% of adult Americans engage in physical activity 3x a week? THIRTY ONE PERCENT is SO pathetic! And that’s for only 20-30 minutes at a time. Is it really any wonder that we have the largest rate of obesity and the biggest slew of health problems in the world? I don’t think so.

When people ask me why I work out so much, or why I eat Paleo, I always have the same response: “it makes me feel good”. And it does. But another reason I’ve been thinking of is that “because I can”. Because I’m still young, and am naturally the fittest and strongest I’ll ever be. Because I want to invest in my future and my health. Because I don’t want to end up like my grandparents (as much as I love them, SO so so much). I want to live for a long time, and I want my kitchen to be full of delicious, amazing food- not pill bottles.

What do you guys think about this? Am I being a b*tch? I feel like I got a little harsh at the end for criticizing my grandparents’ lifestyle, but I’m just trying to be honest and keep it real. Much like J-Lo, I’m all about keepin’ it real.

I’ll stop talking now and leave you with some eye candy from Montana.

Anyone else want to move?



You’re Not as Jacked as You Think You Are

So, I actually posted this on my old design blog awhile back, and seeing how it doesn’t relate at all to design but relates to everything we discuss here, I figured I’d repost it. See what I did there? Putting 2 and 2 together.

Behold: My ultimate list of pet peeves at the gym. Feel free to add your own!

1.) Excessive Grunting and Wincing.
I KNOW everyone has witnessed someone doing this- the exaggerated facial expressions and weird grunting noises coming from some meathead who clearly spent more time in the tanning booth than he did in school. “OMG IS EVERYONE NOTICING HOW STRONG I AM AND HOW HEAVY THESE WEIGHTS ARE THAT I’M LIFTING?? RAWWWRRR!!” No dude, everyone is just noticing that you are a huge JACKASS and should probably lower the weights so you don’t hurt yourself (not that anyone would care if you did). I’m all for pushing yourself at the gym, but if you’re struggling THAT much, just go down 10 lbs. Duh.

2.) Weighing yourself after EVERY set.
No joke, I’ve seen multiple people do this. Crank out a few heavy reps and then go over and weigh themselves. They can’t even see the numbers on the scale because their muscles have INSTANTLY bulged out everywhere! It’s like magic!

3.) Flexing in the mirror after every set.
If anyone knows of an ab workout that immediately gives you a 6 pack 30 seconds after you finish the workout, please feel free to share. Otherwise, please pull your shirt back down and refrain from doing the Arnold poses in the mirror. You look like a tool.

4.) Women who wear lifting belts/gloves when lifting 5 lb weights.
I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that men don’t want to see a chick strutting around the gym wearing a big lifting belt (I could be wrong though?) Especially when YOU ARE ONLY LIFTING 10 POUNDS. I hate when I see women strutting around, looking all MACHO wearing one, and then get all excessive with the grunts and winces as they do 10 lb. curls. Also, if you think you’re that tough, take off your gloves and get some calluses on those manicured hands.

5.) Dancing/Swaying on the Elliptical.
It’s a MACHINE, not a GD Zumba class. Please stop dancing and bopping around singing to yourself. (disclaimer: I have done this before, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying!!!)

6.) Wearing a winter hat and a Mank Top.
BTW, “Mank Top” is my expression for a man wearing a tank top (two things that just shouldn’t go together in my opinion). If you’re trying to sweat it out and lose weight by wearing a winter hat, great, but DON’T WEAR A MANK TOP WITH THE WINTER HAT. Isn’t that counter productive?! Wear a huge sweatshirt and sweatpants if you really want to sweat it out and lose weight. What’s the point of wearing the hat if you have on shorts and a mank?? You don’t look edgy at all, and no one is impressed by your flabby arms and tribal tattoo you got in the 90′s.

7.) Bringing workout DVD’s to the GYM.
Ummmm… isn’t the whole point of a workout DVD the convenience of being able to DO IT AT HOME? For the days you DON’T GO TO THE GYM? Omg. This might be my biggest pet peeve of them all. People literally bring their laptops to the gym, occupy an entire studio, and do their P90X routines for all the world to see. WTF? Just roll out of bed and do it at home! That’s the whole point!!

8.) Excessive Socializing.
“Dooood I was at the gym or like 3 hour last night, brah. I was absolutely CRUSHING it”. Ummm no, you were doing the gorilla walk with your juicehead friends, comparing biceps and bench press abilities, while trying to talk to girls who wanted nothing to do with you. Nice try, brah. If you’re going to the gym, go and do what you’re supposed to do at the gym, WORK OUT.


Okay, sorry, I’m done. Just had to get that out there. When I open my own gym, I’m posting this list and allowing members to kick anyone doing any of these things.





I came across an acronym this morning that I absolutely love. My gym has a “secret” Facebook page that basically serves as a member forum. People post funny pictures, inspirational photos, rants and questions to other members. I started noticing that “HTFU” had been accompanying a lot of these posts. At first I thought they meant HSPU (hand stand push-ups) which I thought was kinda weird. But after googling it this morning, I realized it stood for Harden the F**ck Up.  And, I loved it.

Choosing to resist temptation by Hardening the F**ck Up is what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.  Sometimes it’s going to be suck and yes, you will have to make sacrifices. But no one said it was going to be easy.  Easy is swinging by the McDonalds drive-thru to get a burger and fries when you are too tired to cook. Easy is skipping a morning workout because your bed is too cozy to get out of. But, by committing to living a healthy lifestyle, you are giving a big ol’ FU to “easy”. You all want more and deserve more. Next time you are faced with temptation (a delicious plate of warm cookies, an offer to go get “wasted” with your friends or the desire to sleep in and push snooze), I want all of you to commit to HTFU.  You are too strong to give up and give in that easily. You deserve to live a stronger, longer and healthier life. The rest of your life starts today. Let’s all HTFU together.