ActivewearUSA: Product Review

The lovely ladies from ActivewearUSA were kind enough to ask me to test out and review one of their workout tanks from the Margarita Activewear line. I was really excited because a) I’ve never been asked to write a review before and b) I have a hard time finding workout tops that fit well, so I was looking forward to trying a new style.

I chose Margarita Activewear Top #928 because I liked the shape of it and the simplicity of the lines. Naturally, I chose black. Shocking!

I rocked this top last Friday, when I did back to back spin and CrossFit (bad decision) but I wanted to test out how the top felt during cardio and during cross training. This baby definitely held up to both tests. It’s made of a Supplex and Lycra material, and did a great job of wicking away my massive amounts of sweat. It also had a tight fit (in a good way) with a longer length, so it wasn’t riding up at all on the bike or during my 7 minutes of Burpee hell. I absolutely LOVED the fit of this top too. I have really broad shoulders, but am smaller everywhere else in my torso and chest, so usually when I find a top that fits my beastly shoulders, it’s huge everywhere else. And vice versa. So I was thrilled that this one actually fit well everywhere.

My only complaint about the top? It’s such a tiny thing.. but coming from a designer..

The logo. I had major beef with the logo. Albeit it was super tiny and at the bottom of the tank, I felt non-badass with a little daisy on my hip. I know a lot of women are into girly looking things and want to be as feminine as possible when working out (maybe I should get into that mindset…), but I prefer to not have flowers on my workout attire. Like I said, this is such a dumb complaint because everything about the top that’s important (fit, sweat-a-bility, movement, etc) was A+, but the logo just goes against my personal design taste.

I will definitely be scooping up a few of these babies, and perhaps just folding the bottom of the tank underneath to disguise the flower 🙂

What are your favorite workout tanks? Any thoughts on the daisy?




Product Review: Lululemon Crops & Tops

I’ve been spinning my butt off lately (well, no actually, I think it’s making it bigger but thats okay) and realized I was in desperate need of new workout gear. I have some crops from Victoria’s Secret that I love, but they slide around too much when I spin, and the last thing my neighbor behind me wants to see is some plumber action happening. Solution: Making my first trek into Lululemon.
Not going to lie, I’ve always been turned off by Lulu (evidence: here). I had never shopped there, but knew it was really expensive and knew that I almost had a conniption every time I saw a woman carrying one of those bags, so I just never bothered going in. But recently, I’ve met some pretty kick ass people who are all about Lulu, so I decided to put aside my judgements and take the plunge into the Lululemon world.

First impression upon walking into Lulu was how amazing the staff was. Within 1 minute of being in the store, someone was helping me. Even as I was trying stuff on, they wanted to see everything, help me with the fit, get my opinion, and genuinely wanted to see me with something I loved and felt comfortable in. They even had me do jumping jacks in the dressing room and touch my toes to ensure that I was getting the best fit. I mean, I wasn’t planning on getting an aerobic workout and doing face down, ass up for strangers while trying on clothes, but it’s coo.
I got 2 pairs of the Inspire Crop II’s. It says they’re for running, but bitch please, I’m wearing these for spinning! And they are AMAZING. I’ve never spun without pants on, but if I did, I imagine this is what it would feel like (with way less chafing). They’re SO comfortable, and don’t move or slide at all while I’m jumping around on the bike. They also have an adjustable strap to make them tighter or looser. I wasn’t used to wearing something this tight, but I quickly got used to it once I realized how much better I felt riding. They also have mesh going up the side, which provided great ventilation. At $86/pair, they’re a little pricey, but I figured- I work out 5-6 days a week, and if I’m willing to spend $200 on jeans that I wear 3-4 times a week and not think twice about it, then spending $86 on pants that I’ll wear more than jeans is justified. Right? Am I right? (go with me on this one..)

Next up: the No Limit Tank. I instantly fell in love when I tried this top on. I usually don’t wear loose tops when working out, but loved how this one was a combo of loose and tight. The bra definitely provides enough support (not like I have a whole lot to support anyways..) and the outer flowy top feels like you don’t have anything on at all (yet spares fellow rides from seeing your muffin top). Overall, it provides awesome ventilation and doesn’t cling to your body when you’re riding. This was also kind of pricey at $64, but again, going off the justification that I’m going to be wearing them a lot (I bought 2). I will definitely be transitioning into trying to buy as many of my workout clothes here as possible. I finally caught onto the Lululemon obsession, and think the price is definitely worth it for the quality product you’re getting.
Another perk- I didn’t get an ugly shopping bag! I was bummed I missed out on the limited edition John Galt one, but they did have some new sleek white ones that’s only design was a red happy smile on the inside. Definitely a plus. Maybe they saw my rant and decided to stop plastering cheesy quotes all over everything…?

I’ll be back, Lulu, I’ll be back