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Erica and Emily are two twenty-something and fitness + food fiends living in Boston. Β We grew up together playing soccer, and tennis, and became fast friends over our shared love for physical activity and commiserating over our failed attempt to run cross country one season. We transitioned from working at a pizza shop to a gym in high school, where we both became really interested in fitness. Senior year, we quit our sports teams and focused 100% on the gym. Flash forward to post college life- we’re now both working in Boston but still devote as much of our time as possible to working out. Erica has become an avid Crossfitter, while Emily made a career change and is now a full time personal trainer and spin instructor. We both have been Paleo for about 2 years and haven’t looked back since. This blog will highlight our favorite workouts, new fitness findings, frustrations at the gym (and in life) general ramblings and Paleo recipes.

Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

Erica + Emily


60 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello and thank you for this blog! I stumbled across your site a couple weeks ago and it inspired me to get back into shape and try a paleo diet! Although I am taking it quite slow, my motivation got a big boost from reading your posts!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Amy! Thank you so much for stopping by. It makes us SO happy to hear that we inspired you. After starting our blog, we discovered a huge community of blogs that have kept us motivated, and are honored that you enjoy ours! Good luck on your fitness and health quest, don’t give up! Have fun with it πŸ™‚

  2. Good for you guys. I just found your blog. I’m a 20 something fitness and food type too, and am trying to clean out my diet as much as possible. I’m trying to figure out what food I’m intolerant to at the moment (bad IBS symptoms), and so I’m trying to cut out all wheat, dairy, coffee and alcohol. Detox yay:) But I always find myself cheating! Maybe I should publicize my personal challenge on my blog too…..I could use some support!

    • I’m glad you found us! I had a similar problem and did the same thing as you- started cutting stuff out. Definitely get tested for celiac, and keep a diary of what you’re eating/how you feel afterwards. And we started a blog because we were so inspired by other bloggers and people’s stories.. we hope it does the same for you! Good luck!

  3. Just found your blog! I am a former PE teacher turned stay-at-home-mom now teaching a class for our local rec center. I am trying a clean eating challenge right now and hope to try a Paleo challenge in the future – so your recipes and insight were great!

  4. I am also trying to get back in shape.It’s been great so far.Sometimes I cheat and so lazy.hehe.. This blog will fuel me and serve as an inspiration, a tap at the back to keep going.Great blog!

  5. Great blog! I love hearing of other people’s workout challenges and progress. Not only are these great ideas, it helps me stay motivated with my own workouts πŸ™‚

  6. I read your Freshly Pressed post (congrats, by the way!), and the “wicked sweet” tipped me off to the fact that I was probably reading something written by a fellow New Englander. This little blurb confirms it, so a huge HELLO to both of you, a high-five on your fitness efforts, and a HELL YEAH for being smart, beautiful, and writing about it for people like me to follow. How inspiring! I think I need to start drinking your kool-aid… πŸ™‚

  7. hi, i accidentally came upon this blog, very inspiring. I hope I can the make the most of it. (see i m already in self doubt..) But i am gonna help myself by following a regime now. thanks to your motivation

  8. From one motivated fitness junkie to the next happy to have found your blog! You are both doing amazing! Oh and I LOVE spin if I visit Boston soon I will have to come to one of your classes. Happy Friday!

  9. I am going to follow you guys simply because I have eternal weight issues as Travel & Food have been a greater issue in my life! SO while I blog on food ( not necessarily healthy) I’ll use you guys as my guilt-checkometer…)))

  10. I have been following your blog for awhile now and it’s really got me thinking about going Paleo myself. I’m just wondering if you’ve seen significant fat/weight loss since you started it? I’m looking to get healthier all around and really get in shape and Paleo seems like something that could potentially help meachwice my goals and maintain them too.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

    Nicole =]

    • Hey Nicole! Thank you for checking us out πŸ™‚ Neither of us started Paleo to lose weight- we just did it to improve how we felt and to gain more energy throughout the day and for our workouts. However, we each did lose about 5 lbs each, and it was all from that extra layer of carbs! Since then, we definitely look more “cut” and toned than before since we’ve eliminated carbs from our diet. Eating clean really will change how you look and feel. Definitely give it a shot and let us know how it goes!!

  11. Hey you guys, this summer I’m working about 35hours a week, give or take (mostly give) as a receptionist and going to summer school. Which leaves me with not a whole lot of me time, slash go to the gym workout time. Combine that with helping around the house or catching a nap and I’m all out of time! I was wondering if y’all had any in office suggestions for small but helpful excersises you would recommend.

  12. Wow, one minute I’m looking for cute workout attire (for after I pop this baby out) and the next I stumble across your amazingly funny blog. Thanks for making me laugh! I love that you are Paleo friendly. I will be visiting here often. Sending many thanks from Cali!

  13. Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that I am nominating your blog for the Sunshine Award. I love reading your blog and knowing that there are no excuses to stay healthy! πŸ˜€ You can find the details here: http://wp.me/pEVHI-oO

    Again I love following your blog!

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  15. Hey Emily, (couldn’t find an email address so posting here)
    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and your spin classes sound amazing. I rarely take spin but I’m pretty active and fit otherwise. Anyway, tomorrow, I’m doing a charity spin ride for breast cancer here in Gainesville, FL and my husband, friend, and I decided to go for the two hour ride. Any tips for someone like me who is rarely on a bike but excited to participate and challenge myself for a good cause?! Thanks!

    • Hey Catie!

      Thanks so much for the kind words. Your charity ride sounds like it’s going to be amazing. My advice would to just be to pace yourself. Listen to your body- if you need to pull back, pull back. Feeling energetic? Crank it up. 2 hours is a LONG time to be on a spin bike, so dont feel like you have to be Lance Armstrong out there. And remember.. no one knows how much that resistance wheel is turned up πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to email me directly at esusen@gmail.com. Good luck in the ride!

      • Thanks for the great advice! The ride yesterday was awesome and I think I may have officially caught the spinning bug. I’ve taken spin before and was always a little on the fence but something clicked yesterday. And, except for a little booty pain from the seat, I survived! More spin is definitely in my future. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  16. Hey there, just stumbled on your page and and I really enjoyed your writing style! And, thank you for your easy to understand clarification about paleo vs clean eating (I’m sharpening my spear and weaving my collection baskets as we speak..)

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