My New Life…

I’ve been meaning to do a post filling everyone in on life at my new job (if you don’t care, you can stop reading now. Are you still mad I talked about poop on Monday?)

I’ve been at Get in Shape for Women now for about a month, and I love it. There are a lot of days that I sort of pinch myself, asking myself “is this real life?”. I feel like I’m playing hooky from a real job. I used to think that I loved what I did.. but now I get it. I get the whole “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I’m not saying that there haven’t been mornings when my alarm goes off and I’d rather stay in bed then to get up, but I’m pretty sure NO ONE springs out of bed at 5AM every morning.


So, my days look like this:

5AM– I wake up, and attempt to jump out of bed, wash up, throw on some mascara, straighten my bangs that are inevitably sticking straight up on top of my head, throw my “uniform” (black lulu’s and a sweatshirt FTW), grab my food bag and skedaddle out the door.

5:25-5:35AM– My drive to work. This is when I usually perk up and get excited about the day. I also only listen to country or classic rock in the car now. There’s only so much Rihanna/Top 40 I can handle in a given day. Usually am attempting to eat breakfast at this point, but am mostly getting food all over the interior of my car.

5:45AM-1PM– “Work”. Clients come in every half hour, and they do a half hour of weight training followed by a half hour of cardio. 1-4 women at a time. So I bounce around, helping everyone out, coaching on cardio and going through the weight training exercises. The early morning is packed, and it usually dies down a little between 9:30-11:30. If I don’t have any clients then, I hop on the computer and help out with some design work and ads for the studio.


1PM-9:30PM– The rest of the days are a crap shoot. I teach Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, and work a double on Wednesdays. So I try go home for a couple of hours and cook, blog (which I’ve been sucking at lately, sorry!!) make a new playlist (also have been sucking at that lately, sorry again) and then head back over to the Back Bay/South End area. The past month has been really busy though, and I’ve been getting into a habit of filling up my afternoons rather than going home and resting and getting stuff done. But I’m still getting adjusted to this new schedule! After class or work, I come home, shower, eat, and go to bed. I’m usually so exhausted by the end of the day that I literally cannot keep my eyes open past 9PM.

So, there you have it. My life is literally sleeping, eating, gyming/working and repeating. In January, my boyfriend and I are moving to Back Bay, and I’ll have a 10 minute walking commute to work, which I am PSYCHED about. An extra half hour of sleep in the morning is going to rock my world.

It’s definitely been an adjustment, but an extremely positive one. I’m so happy that I took the leap into this new career. The hardest part so far has been not sitting at a computer, which was my biggest complaint before! Ha! I really took it for granted how in touch I was with all of my friends, social media, scheduling, etc. I really have to make a concerted effort now to sit down, catch up on blogs, Twitter, blogging, emailing, FBing.. It’s exhausting! (PS, I’m really not that popular… I don’t have THAT many people trying to call and hang out with me, who am I kidding) But that’s just a matter of continuing to adjust to my schedule, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. At the end of every day (and I’m not just saying this to sound cheesy) I feel like I accomplished something… and did something worthwhile. I had a direct impact on someone’s day, maybe even someone’s life. It’s pretty awesome.

Happy Thursday!



5 thoughts on “My New Life…

  1. Absolutely LOVE this. It is so interesting to see you so many times a week in class and know that this big change is going on — also interesting because I myself have been having a life choices/career kind of struggle this year – which may be why I really like reading about your situation. Anyway – just happened to blog surf before taking your class tonight 🙂 And yes – you are, I am sure!, going to be impacting my day and life tonight – most likely by completely kicking my ass (in a good way of course!).

  2. I think this is awesome. I too just gave up my real world suit job for personal training! Currently, working at a local gym in MD in sales right now focusing on passing NASM personal training certification. It is a killer. However I am so happy and cannot wait to become certified so I can switch over to training full time 🙂 ahh love life 😉

  3. It is just awesome ! You are such an inspiration ! Loved this post… How come I missed the one about poo ? Need to read now, lol !

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