Week 1: Sugar Detox Recap

Oh hi there. Miss me? It’s been a crazy week. I got back from Montana Friday night and went straight to New Hampshire for the weekend. Montana was sad, but it was great to be out there with my family. And NH was super relaxing and was a perfect reset. The only problem? I’M STILL NOT EATING SUGAR!

Well, that’s sort of a lie. I introduced some fruit (bananas and apples) sparingly back into my diet. I went a week without any fruit at all, and my system was getting a little wonky. I won’t go into detail… but you get the idea…. (butseriouslyifanyonehasdonethisbeforeandcoudntstopshittingpleasesendmeanemailsowedonthavetodiscussbowelmovementsonmyblog) So ANYHOOOO. A little bit of fruit is back into the mix. I was really worried about being away this weekend and not being able to prepare my own food, but I managed okay. Especially in Montana. Hellooo bison burgers. I’ve also been carrying around plantain chips and trail mix just to have with me on hand. So what have I been eating?

Breakfast: I normally have a protein shake mixed with fruit (AKA sugar, sugar, sugar) so this was the biggest change for me. I’ve been mixing hard boiled eggs with avocado, and eat it on my way to work. I usually don’t get a break until mid morning, so this really fills me up and keeps me satisfied.

Snacks: Plantain chips, nuts, veggie chips, kale chips, almond butter, leftovers. Not all at once.

Lunch/Dinner: I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately, really simple stuff like a boat load of veggies and sticking a bunch of meat in a crockpot. I’m sort of over sharing recipes because literally everything I cook is from PaleOMG or from my newly acquired Well Fed cookbook. But both of those women are geniuses so you should probably just cook everything they say to cook. K, cool.

Desserts: NONE. WAH.


Yeah, I’ve posted this picture before. Whatever. via PinkBike

I have to say, I’m sleeping like a rock at night, have more energy throughout the day, and during my classes. I haven’t re-weighed myself since I started, but I feel a bit slimmer (I’m not trying to do this to lose weight, but wouldn’t mind shedding a light layer..). Definitely am going to TRY to stick with it for another 2 weeks. I think having bananas will be my saving grace. I’m going to a holiday party this weekend (I’ve purposely been trying to be a hermit so I’m not tempted..) so that will be the real test. I could care less about alcohol.. but holiday treats are a whole other story.

How have you guys survived this before? Any tips? Do you not want to be my friend anymore since I talked about poop on the blog? I understand. Are you even more upset because now I talked about it twice?




7 thoughts on “Week 1: Sugar Detox Recap

  1. I did a 30 day detox and felt amazing by the 4th week. I celebrated with fro yo on Mother’s day with my mom but it was so not satisfying and I definitely didn’t even really want it. My body felt GREAT. I probably lost a pound or 2 but I was SO lean! My stomach was awesome! I have definitely cut back on sugar since then. I am not terribly restrictive but I am planning on doing it again after the holidays. I give you props for doing this during the holiday season!

  2. I give you props for doing this. I too would have to be a hermit in order to go through with this. I really don’t think I could do it, but then again I never thought I’d be juicing either. We don’t realize how much sugar we eat! I think late night snacking is my biggest culprit. I pretty much cut out sugar during the day but at night it all catches up with me and I get the crazy sugar cravings. I probably should just NOT buy anything to tempt me but I what’s a girl to do when those hormones are a ragin’.

  3. hello emily
    I found your blog yesterday and already love it.
    the sugar detox helps a lot to your body and your energy.
    I follow the paleo diet for almost 100 days and the only sugar I eat now is a little honey in espresso coffee in the morning and 2 fruits for snacks (apples, pears and bananas).
    I feel great.
    Compared to when I ate grains and sugars, now is much better 😉
    A hug Italian

  4. I’ve done 21 days no sugar before, and did it for a week or so at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec in prep for headshots. Sadly I didn’t really lose weight either time, and ended up with the opposite bowel problems… the second time around I was prepared and was drinking apple cider vinegar in the morning and that seemed to help a bit though.

    Why is sugar so crack like?!

  5. I am doing the 21 day sugar detox right now (day 18 today) and there are definite “digestive issues” — LOL. Today is the worst actually. I have not had a banana yet, but may need to think about adding one a day in for the last 3 days.
    On the plus sign, I do feel so much better in general: more energy, my skin looks AMAZING, my clothes feel better, etc.
    Today it is hard to remember all that because the GI “issues” are pretty pretty bad 😦

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