Mashed Up: Playlist and Potatoes

I was trying to be super clever when coming up with a theme for my Thanksgiving morning spin class, but it’s hard to think of songs that relate to eating, turkey, and food comas. So I stretched it a liiitttlleeee far and came up with a Mashed Up ride… sort of like mashed potatoes.. but only playing mashups… like the music… get it? SO CLEVER. It should be noted that Meredith taught before me, and her theme was songs that made her thankful. At first, I found this extremely touching and sentimental. And then someone asked her why R. Kelly’s “Ignition” made her thankful, and she said “You know, it’s like you’re turning on the key to your stomach. Revving up for a big meal. Stick that key in the ignition!”.

And then I realized that my theme wasn’t so much of a stretch after all.

After class, I came home to put on big girl clothes and went out to a late lunch/early dinner with my boyfriend’s family at the Bristol Lounge. It was weird not being at home on Thanksgiving, but it was pretty nice to not have to clean up after. This place was swanky and the food was delicious. My only regret was that I couldn’t put on sweatpants before getting seconds.

Yes, there was a dessert buffet. My downfall. I did sample the goods, but I was pretty proud of myself for not being a TOTAL pig. I was definitely full after, but I didn’t stuff myself to the extent that I normally do at home. I guess not having the sweatpants turned out to be a good thing… After dinner, we took a stroll in the Public Gardens to burn off about 2 bites of our meal. It was so nice out, but homegirl is not used to walking in heels anymore…

That’s a weird picture of me. My hips look big. Those hips don’t lie, but I’m pretending they do! The rest of the weekend was spent with Tom’s family around the Boston area and down the Cape. I’m happy to be back on track and in my routine this week but am DREADING my upcoming sugar detox. Gahh!

How was everyone’s turkey days? Did you splurge or stay true to being healthy? Yes, I know it was almost a week ago. Just thought I’d let all the craziness die down before bombarding you again with Thanksgiving shiz 🙂



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