Sugar Hangover

So, a funny thing happened to me this weekend. I think I got drunk off of sugar and carbs. Is that possible?

Scene of the crime

This weekend, I was down in Virginia right outside of DC at Creighton Farms with some friends and Tommy Boy. I always plan on splurging a little bit when I’m on vacation, especially if its just for a day or two. But shit got ugly.

I was relatively good on Saturday day (some Powerberries may have fallen into my mouth at one point or another) and Saturday night, I ordered butternut squash soup and a steak for dinner. The butternut squash soup had chiles in it, so it was hot as balls, and my mouth was on fire so I decided to have a small piece of bread. I don’t really care about bread anymore but I’ll give this bread credit- it was delish and had rosemary in it and was amazing. Moving on. I had requested sweet potatoes with my steak instead of regular ones, and they came with regular ones. Fail. I felt really full after dinner, and nothing on the dessert menu appealed to me so I was relieved knowing that I wasn’t going to have to roll myself up to bed. And then my stupid boyfriend ruined everything.

Quick background- my boyfriend’s father is a real estate developer and we were staying at one of his properties. The previous night, we had raided the bar and Tom had wandered off to explore the food options and came across these ice cream cookie sandwich things. We all split one and it was delish but so rich. So fast forward to Saturday night, when the waiter reads the desserts, and Tom is all “ahem, I believe that you are holding off on some ice cream sandwiches, pal” so the waiter goes and gets them for all of us. But he got us TWO ice cream sandwiches each. Two.

So if you read this blog you know me and you KNOW I cannot say no to dessert. I’m sitting there cursing my boyfriend, cursing the waiter and cursing my stupid lack of self control. I eat one of the ice cream sandwiches and my teeth hurt because it’s so sugary and sweet. So then NATURALLY I decide that it’s probably a good decision to eat the second one that’s sitting on the plate laughing in my face. Fuck you, ice cream sandwich. Fuck. You.

Immediately after I ate it, I felt ill. I honestly felt like I was shitfaced, and I didn’t have a drop of alcohol the entire day. I felt lightheaded, dizzy, had a headache and was SO tired. Like, I couldn’t keep my eyes open at the table. I was entering food coma stage. I tried to stay up and hang with the cool kids, but homegirl couldn’t hang. Tom even said “are you okay? You look wasted” Yup, I was chocolate wasted. I went upstairs and immediately passed out- didn’t even brush my teeth or take off my makeup, something I only do when I’m alcohol wasted. I literally woke up the next morning feeling like I had a hangover.

So, this was a big eye opener for me. I’m going to do the 21 Day Sugar Detox starting December 2nd (it’s my birthday on the 1st. Let me have one last piece of cake!!!!!). I need to curb my sugar cravings like woah. This is not to say I will never have sugar again- fruit is a big part of my diet and I’ll never give that up for good, but I really need to do something to curb my cravings/dependency on chocolate. I’m really hoping that this will help and that I have the will power to do it. Everyone is saying “you’re so crazy for doing it around the holidays” but I know this will help me stay on track better. If I’m not giving it up, I  most definitely would be going HAM at every holiday party in sight. Cookies would not be safe with me on the loose this holiday season.

Has anyone ever done the Sugar Detox? What were your results? Did it suck so hard for 3 weeks? Was this post way too long to tell you about one meal? Don’t answer that.


PS- New job is going GREAT. I will be posting about it this week!



14 thoughts on “Sugar Hangover

  1. I’ve done it before. It’s very worth it, but I would say that the first two weeks are tough. You keep eating and eating and you never get what you really want. Then that fades. I’m terribly addicted to sugar. It’s a bad situation.

  2. I think a sugar detox is one of the only ways to control cravings! ive been phasing it out because i have gained like 10 pounds in the last 2 months from just eating muffins, cookies and candy way more than i ever have before! i went about 3-4 days without any of it last week, and the one day i caved and had a cookie i felt completely wasted too! good reminder that even after a few days of detoxing our bodies will respond, i think especially with sugar.

  3. I’m starting cross fit this week after reading about it on this blog and feeling inspired to try a new workout. So thank you! Do you think it’s feasible to detox and start crossfit at the same time? Also, there’s this vegan speaker/activist/trainer(John Pierre) who just posted this and it is fitting in reference to “you’re so crazy for doing this around the holidays”: The eating festivities have begun, Oct 31-Jan 2 is when we lower our standards. We will justify our out of control eating by saying “It’s the holiday’s”. My phone will ring off the hook for a month with people wanting to get back on track. Please RAISE your standards today! Love yourself this holiday season;)

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