Embarrassing/Awesome Jams

First of all- thank you SO much for all of your awesome comments, FB messages and tweets about my big news. It means a lot, and solidifies my reasoning for delving into this world full time, so thank you again!!

Second of all- I know we’ve sucked at posting lately. There are a few things happening. A) we are making some exciting new changes to SEGR, making it more legit and all sexy and shiz. B) That takes up more time than I thought it would. C) I am in the middle of a career change, and have a lot of loose ends to tie up. D) Erica is traveling, which means she goes MIA in upstate NY and I don’t hear from her in weeks. I know those are lame excuses, but apologies! Exciting things are happening and coming your way SOON.

Speaking of exciting and awesome and amazing, I’ve been playing some ridiculous jams in class lately that need to be shared.

I had a request to do a Whitney Houston ride last week. I’ve never been a huge Whitney fan, but these remixes are the balls. So energetic, upbeat and fun. I was jealous of everyone in the class who wasn’t wearing a microphone so they could sing. Oh, and of course Bobby Brown had to make an appearance.

All of the remixes are amazeballs, but this one is probably my favorite. Just the perfect mix of cheesy techno. Nsst, nsst nssstt.


By my own request, I did an early 2000’s playlist. There are SO many jams from this era! I love doing throwback rides with songs you haven’t heard in forever, that you probably don’t want to hear every day. But they’re fun every once in awhile. Until I start repeating them in my classes.. whoops.


Great song for a quick road, throw in some arm pumps. Also, great to set an intention at the beginning of class. “You gotta get through this”. Sidenote- a fairly new rider was in my class, and sitting directly in front of me, and he was SO into this song and it was the best feeling ever.

Despite Ms Aguileria’s recent shenanigans, homegirl still kills it on the mic. Her voice literally gives me chills, and this song was made for booty tapping. This song also generated a lot of “whoooo”‘s and general enthusiasm from the crowd.

That part about me being obsessed with early 2000’s music… yeah it happened again. On Sunday, Aly and I did a Redeux Ride (two bikes, two instructors sharing the stage) and our theme was One Hit Wonders. Naturally, I gravitated towards my favorite era. Aly’s half of the playlist was equally as epic, throwing in some 80’s and current stuff.


I’m basically obsessed with every song on here. It was so fun planning this because although I love this era, there were TONS of one hit wonders I forgot about. But I literally cannot stop listening to “Candy”. I got some slack because APPARENTLY Mandy Moore had other hits besides this one, but I’m not concerning myself with that. “Candy” is the only one that matters. I used this for a hill, but now that I’m listening to it (again), I’m realizing it’s perfect for jumps, crunches, pumps… oh yeah, this will be making more frequent appearances. #sorrynotsorry

This beat is awesome. Did this for a hill, out in position 3, with little oblique crunches, side to side. Elbows out. Leanin’ like Cholos.

What am I missing? There must be some more embarrassing jams out there that I need to incorporate on a weekly basis (if you’re one of my riders, you’re probably reading this thinking “NOOOOO! Don’t give her any more!!”). Regardless, let’s hear ’em! 🙂





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