Man Candy of the Week: Jared Davis

Alright ladies, time for some man candy. This week were featuring another amazing coach from reebok Crossfit one, Jared Davis. Jared was the coach at my first WOD and he has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in your workouts. Oh and he has a southern accent, so that’s another major plus. Sorry ladies, he’s taken, but you can still look!

Name:  Jared Davis
Vitals:  6’0″, 195 lbs, 29 yo
Hometown:  Palatka, FL
Nickname:  JD
Heartbreaker Status (married, single, engaged):  I have the best girlfriend EVER!
Been CrossFitting since: 2008
Favorite WOD: All of them
Favorite CrossFit Hottie:  James Hobart
I eat… everything
I like…  Food, music, and having FUN
I love… CROSSFIT, Anything outdoors, golf, camping, fishing, surfing, all sports, boating, etc

My friends would describe me as…  Fun!
My guilty pleasure is…  None, I do what feels good
I CrossFit and coach because…  It is my passion and I LOVE IT
Most embarrassing moment at the gym:  forgetting a members name in front of the entire class!!
Biggest accomplishment at the gym:  helping people get better and fit everyday
Personal style outside of spandex,sports bras and high socks:  board shorts, flip flops, tank tops….well maybe not up here.  Jeans and a tee

When I’m not at the gym, I’m….  Watching football, or “chopped” on food network, hanging with friends, enjoying the outdoors

Something people would be surprised to know about you:  I was raised by wolves in the forests on Gondor…..not really.  Ha ha I don’t know.  Maybe that I’m ambidextrous.



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