Standard Monday Rant

Is there any better way to start off the week then with a mid afternoon rant?  I didn’t think so.  Lets get to it.  Last Friday, I’m sitting in the conference room, minding my own business, eating lunch.  The secretary comes in and puts down her plate of bagel bites and can of Diet Coke while complaining that her triglycerides are in the 300’s and her doctor wants her to pay more attention to her health (Honey, here’s a tip, those bagel bites, probably aren’t helping).  I told her about how when I was growing up I had very high cholesterol (200+) for being so young.  I told her how I tried everything from whole grain to low fat and that nothing seemed to work.  My doctor told me that if things didn’t change, I would have to go on medication to help regulate it.  Although the medicine had some weird side effects, I was ready to give it a shot.   Thankfully, my doctor was pretty hesitant and said to wait a year.

Look! See they are good for you!  Whole Grain and Real Cheese!

It was around that time that I started CrossFitting and eventually heard about the Paleo diet.  Since my doctor had always told me that red meat and fat were the devil, I was very hesitant to give it a try (WHAT?! I have to give up oatmeal?! But..But..But its heart healthy!).   I did a little research, read the Paleo Solution and gave it a shot.  A couple months later, I had my blood checked to see what sort of affect it had on my levels. As it turns out, my cholesterol dropped from 216 to 177, my LDL (bad cholesterol) fell from 143 to 104 and my triglycerides stayed fairly constant at 89 to 97.  Suck that, low fat diet!

So, after I told my secretary the condensed version of that story, she was like, “well you’re young., when you are old like me, things are different…everyone in my family has high triglycerides”.  Yes, I am sure things are a little different when you are older, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  As a grown woman, you should realize that Bagel Bites are not an acceptable meal. Don’t tell me you’re eating them because they’re convenient. Eating a banana is convenient. Let go of all those stupid excuses that prevent you from achieving your health.  Stop blaming everything on your “bad genes” or “slow metabolism”.  Don’t blame everything on “oh it runs in my family”. You can change the habit- you can change what runs in your family. HTFU PEOPLE!  Dallas and Melissa from the Whole 30 say it best; your genes are the bullets in the gun.  You personal choices are what pulls the trigger.  Lets start taking ownership for our actions and man the eff up!

Happy Monday



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