CrossFit Hottie of the Week

We’re continuing to rep the ladies this week (don’t worry- there’s man candy coming soon) with the incredible Lindsey Johnson of Reebok CrossFit One. You may remember me mentioning Lindsey in my post last month– she was the one who pushed me through that workout I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to do. Yeah, she’s pretty badass. I’ve only had a few WODs with her, but she is one motivating machine. And she loves chocolate, and tequila. So that also means she’s wicked smart.

Name: Lindsey Johnson
Stats (height, weight, age): 5’10, 155, 32
Hometown: South Kingstown, RI
Nickname: LJ
Heartbreaker Status (married, single, engaged): Single
Been CrossFitting since: 2008
Favorite WOD: I really don’t have one, I like them all!
Favorite CrossFit Hottie: So many… so little time.
I eat… I try to eat paleo, but have very little self control!
I like… To do anything creative
I love… My job, my friends are everything to me, and my family.
My friends would describe me as… Outgoing, confident, “and pretty much the coolest person ever” -Joe Masley
My guilty pleasure is… Chocolate, chocolate and maybe some tequilla.
I CrossFit and coach because… I get to change lives every day, make someone better in and out of the gym.  Whether it’s physically or emotionally. It’s amazing to see what we can do with a few workouts.
Most embarrassing moment at the gym: Honestly can’t think of one, I know it sounds lame… but I can’t.
Biggest accomplishment at the gym:  Getting my job here at Reebok CrossFit ONE
Personal style outside of spandex,sports bras and high socks: No high socks for me… kind of hippie, anything from Free People and Anthropologie
When I’m not at the gym, I’m…. On the beach/Paddleboarding
Something people would be surprised to know about you: I love to sing, but have terrible stage fright.


We’re only week 2 into the CrossFit Hotties and are definitely looking to feature more, so let us know if you’d like to nominate someone! Or yourself. We’re cool with that.



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