Class Review: Core Fusion Sport

There’s always an “A-ha” moment when you’re working out. Something that clicks with you and pushes you harder and makes you go “Alright, I’m f*cking doing this”. I took my first Core Fusion Sport and Exhale this morning with the renowned Melinda Sarkis, and that moment came in the first five minutes when she set her intention for the class… “No excuses” (MY FAVORITE). I knew for the next hour, I was going to be murdering my body, but I got it in my head- I wasn’t making any excuses.

So dark in the mornings now! Wah.

I’d like to think I made it through the class without making excuses… but is feeling like you’re going to die an excuse? HA! Kidding. Kind of. This class was SO hard. Holy balls. This shouldn’t be called “core fusion”, it should be called “entire body fusion”. The only equipment we used was a medicine ball (mine was 6 lbs) and a resistance band. And your own body.. for better or for worse, that’s what you were stuck with. The first half hour was more cardio based- lots of sequences (which I’m horrible at.. so uncoordinated it’s pathetic) planks, burpee like things, squats, getting on your tip toes and squatting, lunges. Basically pure torture. I was working out next to Christina, who is an all star, (and undercover Superwoman) and I just looked like an uncoordinated hot mess. If you’re requiring me to combine more than one movement at a time, see ya later. I’m that one in class that’s 2 seconds behind everyone else, awkwardly trying to keep up. That one you see and think to yourself “oof, what is that person even DOING here?”. Yeah, that’s me.

The second half didn’t get any easier when we moved to the floor and worked all those annoying spots (inner thighs, hips, waist, triceps, core). All of those problem areas on a woman’s body are the ones that are the biggest bitches to work out. If God could just give me a flat stomach, no under arm jiggle, and thighs that didn’t touch, that would be great. I’ll be on the couch, eating Ben and Jerry’s. Thanks!

So, the workout was a killer, and I definitely wasn’t able to keep up for parts of the class (not making an excuse, just accepting a sad reality) but Melinda made the whole thing enjoyable. Her persona and little things that she says throughout class, i.e “I might tinkle in my Lulu’s”, “Everything with me comes in 3’s… well, not EVERYTHING” or telling us stories about her getting her hair done to keep our minds off of doing a 60 second medicine ball plank just made it fun. It felt like “hey.. we’re all in this together, let’s just do it”. There was even one point where she was struggling with an exercise, and just started laughing at herself. Which was awesome, because there’s no way in hell I could do it either.

Classes like this remind me about the importance of cross training. Yes, I can beast a couple of spin classes a day. Yes, I’m getting stronger at CrossFit. But my core? My flexibility? My coordination? Jesus, you would think I’d never worked out a day in my life. I’m going to try to make this class a couple of times a month, and am making a commitment to DO YOGA. Even if I go kicking and screaming, I will go. And get more flexible. And strengthen my muscles. And my core. And I’ll stop complaining about how I hate yoga. And then I’ll go back and kick some ass at Core Fusion.

If you haven’t taken Melinda’s class before, GO. She rocks. And then go and do something out of your comfort zone. No excuses. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Class Review: Core Fusion Sport

  1. I’m finding it hard to believe that you don’t have coordination or are a step behind everyone else! I’m going to make a goal to take her class… [sob] and do more yoga too. I want to be flexible again!

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