CrossFit Hottie of the Week

It’s time to reveal our new weekly feature: CrossFit Hottie of the Week! Oh yes. You know you love drooling and oogling hot CrossFit bods all day long. (we know you do because it’s one of the top searches on our blog…) So, we’re bringing the goods. Every Friday we’ll feature a CrossFit Hottie- someone we know, or someone we admire. And yes, we’re referring them as Hotties for their physical looks, but also because they’re just awesome people and great athletes. We were debating calling it “CrossFit All-Stars” but I really prefer to act like I’m still in 7th grade and use the term “Hottie”.

Without further ado.. our first Hottie of the Week is Ashley from Reebok CrossFit One. I’ve had the pleasure of getting go to Ashley’s Monday morning classes, and she is awesome. Her bubbly personality and energy is contagious, and she’s always there to encourage you and keep pushing you. I mean, that should come naturally to her seeing as she’s a Celtics cheerleader… And don’t let her pint size fool you. This girl is a solid bundle of muscle and she will kick yo ass! Read on:

Name: Ashley Anastasi
Stats (height, weight, age): 4’11, 90lbs, 26 years old
Hometown: Easton, MA
Nickname: “itty bitty” or “peanut”
Heartbreaker Status (married, single, engaged): Boyfriend ❤
Been CrossFitting since: March 2011
Favorite WOD: Any WOD with gymnastics
Favorite CrossFit Hottie: My one and only, Jim Gambee aka JG ❤
I eat…Too much!!
I like…Strawberry non-fat greek yogurt with strawberries & grapes
I love…Coffee oreo ice ceam
My friends would describe me as…Kind, tiny & caring
My guilty pleasure is…A grass fed beef burger with sweet potato fries OR coffee 🙂
I CrossFit and coach because…I enjoy helping people get stronger, faster and healthier each and every day, their progress is my reward 🙂
Most embarrassing moment at the gym: Missing the small box below me coming down from pull ups (yes, I need a box to get out to the pull up bar – HA!) and scraping my shin really bad…5 stitches, but still finished! 
Biggest accomplishment at the gym: Muscle ups and handstand walks for distance
Personal style outside of spandex,sports bras and high socks: I’m either in gym clothes, work clothes or something very comfty 🙂
When I’m not at the gym, I’m….A wedding planner by day and a Celtics cheerleader by night
Something people would be surprised to know about you: My Fran time is 4:38RX (new PR!)

What do you think of the new feature?! Jams and Hotties on Fridays? Yes please. We’re going to be running this for awhile so let us know if you have someone you’d like to nominate and feature 🙂





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