Weekend Recap

Although I love early morning workouts, they usually catch up to me around 8pm on Friday nights.  It’s like I’ve literally hit a wall and cannot imagine doing anything but going to bed.  My boyfriend use to make fun of me for this, but now accepts it and happily tucks me in around 9pm.  It’s a win win for both of us since he can spend the rest of the night doing guyish things like watch 4 different football games and rearrange his fantasy team.  See, everyone is happy.

However, whenever I have a busy weekend and can’t catch up on sleep, I find that I am absolutely exhausted the next week.  Does this happen to you guys?  In college I could get a couple hours of sleep and be fine the next day.  WTF happened? Ah, to be young and resilient again…

So, this weekend my sister and I had a surprise 30th wedding anniversary party for my parents.  Can you believe it?! 30 freaking years!  We decided to do something a little different and have a pig roast.  I know, how Paleo of us!  Although super cool, the sight of a dead pig was a little harder to stomach than originally expected.    I’m sure my sister and I were just being over emotional per usual.  But, I must say, the pork was absolutely amazing.  Since it slow cooks for 6+ hours, the meat was really juicy and delicious.  Its probably good that we enjoyed it so much since we will be eating it for the next month or so. 


Poor piggy…

Although sad, knowing where your dinner came from was actually pretty cool.  We met the owners, toured their little family run farm and learned about how they raised their livestock.  It made me want to buy a half a cow like woah.   How cool would that be?!  You would never have to wonder about where your meat came from or if it was really grass fed  and finished (which I often wonder at the larger grocery stores).  But first, I must figure out where I am going to store 100+ pounds of beef… damn.

Do any of you guys belong to CSAs or buy your meat locally?  I need help!




6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Pig roasts are great because u end up eating most of the animal. To me it’s kind of a respect thing- if it’s going to give up its life at least I’m going to use it all. As opposed to just a tenderloin or something. I’ve heard mixed reviews on CSAs. It’s great for variety, but there are weeks where you get 7 rutabagas and one carrot.

  2. I buy my meat from a butcher shop that buys from a local farm (some of the meat). I want to buy online from all the local farms for 1/2 the price, but I haven’t yet. And I would LOVE to buy half a cow but have nowhere to store that!!!

  3. I went to a pig roast this past Friday in North Carolina for a rehearsal dinner. It was delicious! That’s awesome that you know where your piggy came from. Did it have a name?

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