Friday Jams of the Week

So, we’re not quite ready to reveal our awesome other Friday feature.. but in the meantime, we got jams for days.

Saturday 9/22: Reboot 9:30AM

Highlights: Ready to Go and Wild Wild West. Yeah, judge me. Will Smith kills it!

Monday 9/24: Reboot Climb 6:00PM

White Panda themed ride was SO much fun (minus Lobsterdust for weights). Seriously, they’re my favorite mashup artist. Check out all their jams here.

Tuesday, 9/25: Reboot 5:30PM

Highlights: No Sex for Ben and Claudia Lewis… that’s actually a pretty hilarious sentence. Apologies to anyone out there named Ben or Claudia. No sex for you!!

Wednesday 9/25: Reboot 8:15AM

This one’s a repeat! Old highlights are Breathe and Go Go Girl

Thursday 9/26: Reboot Advanced 5:30PM

Highlights: Battleflag, Orinoco Flow ( Props to Rate Your Burn for these!) and Dance With Me. New artist (to me at least!) alert- Le Youth. REALLY really great stuff. Incredible buildups, good stuff to bounce to. Head boppin’ for days.

Oh, I also told my class to “POUND IT OUT” last night on the bikes. So on that note…

Happy Friday! Holler with your favorite jams this week!









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