Stomach Issues and Other Fun Stuff

So, last week I told you guys that I was participating in a nationwide, 60 day Paleo challenge called the Lurong challenge.  Well, today is already day ten!  16.67% of the way there, woot woot!  I finally feel like my body is back to its old self, which I’m really excited about.  Emily and I decided to keep a belly book of everything we eat so we can see how our bodies react to certain foods (and keep us from eating dark chocolate at every meal).  From this, I’ve learned that my stomach is not really a fan of salads.  It seems like every time I eat a salad, I’m bloated for the rest of the day.  Does that happen to anyone else?!  Maybe it’s just a hint that my salads are gigantic and I should chill out a bit.  But, who knows.  I’ve also learned that apples don’t agree with me.  Which is the strangest thing because it’s a freaking apple.  What food is simpler than an apple?  Come on body, get your shizz together.  For a good laugh, check out our belly book below.  Its borderline embarrassing how much we eat.  Whatever.

SO, back to the Lurong Challenge.  Everyday you log onto their website and record your meals (if it was clean or if it was a cheat).  You start off the week with 35 points and for every cheat you lose 5 points.  Pretty simple, right?  So, this morning I logged on to record what I ate yesterday and decided to bop around the site for a bit.  I I went to my diet history and noticed that I had TWO cheat meals recorded.  Since I knew I didn’t cheat, I automatically assumed it was a huge mistake, and by golly, I was going to get to the bottom of it!  After further review, I unfortunately noticed that I forgot to record my meals for Monday.  Which, I am pretty sure I did, because naturally its the first thing I do when I get to work (priorities, right?).  Anyways,  APPARENTLY, if you forget, you get hit with a TWO meal cheat penalty!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was LIVID.  Which I am sure you can tell by the use of my CAPITAL LETTERS and EXCLAMATION POINTS.  Needless to say, I am STILL not a happy camper.   It made me want send a picture of me eating a whole bag of m&ms to Lurong with some nasty note.  Although  appealing, I continued to sit there, eating my salad that I knew was going to make me feel bloated for the rest of the day.  Take that, LURONG!  Did I just make a huge deal out of nothing? You betcha!  Anyways, happy Thursday everyone!



9 thoughts on “Stomach Issues and Other Fun Stuff

  1. I have the apple problem too! However, I do know why: apples (and other tree fruits like pears, peaches, cherries) have a protein in them that a lot of people are allergic to. If you bake the apple, it breaks down the protein so you’ll be able to eat it with no problem. My allergist tipped me off to this because I have an environmental allergy to birch trees, and apparently most people who have that allergy are sensitive to tree fruits cuz the protein is similar. Maybe something worth checking out!

  2. Lurong is not to blame for this. I was associated with this as well and the thing for everyone to realize is there were about 2 thousand people in this challenge from all over the country. There is an automatic point system in place which helps keep up the integrity of the competition. Sorry you forgot to post your meals but there was a lot of people involved that did not forget and serious prizes at stake for the winners. P.S. It sounds like you did great on the challenge as far as the way you felt. So you should thank LURONG for that. Or go eat your M&M’s and gain your 10 lbs back.

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