Humpday Rants and Raves

Haven’t done a good rants and raves for awhile. It’s not really even rants and raves, it’s more just me rambling about whatever is on my mind. Ready.. K, go!

1.) Eva is a bitch– I was introduced to the WOD Eva on Friday last week. Oh, you don’t know who Eva is?

via Reebok CrossFit One blog

Yeah. She was a mean old lady. I scaled this back (you all know that I have a janky knee, and running doesn’t really agree with me) I did the first 800M run and then realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do that 5 more times, so I stuck to 400M runs, 15-30 kettlebell swings (still working on those) and 15 pull ups each time with the band.


Could I be any more complicated?

Fellow warriors, and tourists. Kind of hard not to have fun with this group…
via CrossFit One Facebook

It’s horrible/fantastic that we’ve been doing so many pull ups. I’m still using the band, but am getting the form down and feeling myself getting better. Washing my hair after is still a challenge.

2.) Stinky situations– I now do laundry every single day. I used to let my sweaty workout clothes fester in my hamper for a few days, but it just got so f-ing disgusting. Water bills be damned, I need to attempt to smell fresh to death. Current problem though: my protein shaker. When I take it on the go, I wash it out right after, and it still smells like dank protein. Solutions?! Oh, yes, I still drink out of it.

3.) Two a days– I now feel like there’s an empty void in my life if I don’t work out twice a day. Anyone else get this too?

4.) My snacking situation– I bought a bunch of food on Monday to last me through the week and all my snacks are already gone. I think I have a problem. And the only solution is… more snacks!

5.) Getting back on track– 3 days into my little “reset and stop eating cheat Paleo meals”, and I feel 100000x better. It’s INSANE  how quickly your body snaps back when you show it lots of love.

6.) Getting winded– No matter how many times a week I spin, I still get winded walking up stairs. WTF?! I don’t smoke. I have an excellent standing heart rate. I can beast a spin class. Come on lungs, get with the program.

7.) My legs- Are insanely sore this week. We did walking weighted lunges on Monday (5 rounds of 15, I did 35 lbs), and I’ve never quite experienced the sensation that I felt in my legs afterward. Like, legit wobbly legs. I felt like I was going to fall over. Little mini spasms all day. I was so looking forward to teaching spin that night and letting loose, until I remembered that I was teaching a hill climb class. Epic fail.

Pretending that I know what I’m doing. I’m glad you can’t see my face, because I definitely am wincing like a mofo. via CrossFit One Facebook

Also attempted to do some double unders on Monday, which was interesting. I’m a pretty good jump ropper, so I think I’ll be able to nail them down pretty quickly, but I definitely wacked myself in the legs and face a few times..

I was going to try to do 10 rants and raves, and I could probably go on for days, but I’ll leave it at 7. Good old 7. What’s up with you guys this week? What are you loving/hating? Can you help me de-stink my protein container?!

Happy Humpday,



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