Paleo Noms

We haven’t talked about food in awhile. Let’s talk about it. It’s my second favorite thing to do, besides eating it.

Paleo Fish Tacos


I’ve been wanting to test out making coconut flour tortillas for awhile, and had some leftover sea bass so figured I would attempt to make fish tacos. I gotta say- these things were bomb diggity (WordPress, don’t auto correct diggity to “dignity” please and thank you). I found the recipe from Free Coconut Recipes (didn’t know such a site existed) and topped them off with sea bass, avocado, cilantro, lime juice, salsa, and an all natural cream cheese spread with peppers and spices (obviously, cut this out if you don’t do dairy, and if you’re not trying to appease a non-Paleo person). The tortillas tasted amazing, I tripled the recipe, but only the first one came out in true “tortilla” form (AKA you could fold it up and eat it like a real taco).

Too legit to quit

The key was to allow the batter to spread immediately upon hitting the skillet. The first one spread easily- super thin- because the skillet wasn’t really hot, so next time I’ll turn the heat down. The last ones sort of tasted like coconut omelettes, which were still delish.

Steve’s Paleo KrunchOH MY GOD stop what you are doing right now and go purchase this! Immediately! A friend gave me some to try out and holy balls these are like little packets of heaven. Super filling, and crumbly, and delicious. And there’s bacon. ‘Nuff said. Get ’em here. Lots of other amazing looking products that are great for on the go! Goodbye, paycheck.

PaleOMG Pumpkin “Granola”Clearly I was on a granola kick last week. I highly recommend that you make this if you’re looking to satisfy the pumpkin obsession that is sweeping America right now. “OMG PUMPKIN SPICE LATTEEES!” This is a healthier version, and way tastier. I made an enormous bulk supply to last me for hopefully a month, but realistically a week. If you don’t already stalk Juli’s blog on a normal basis like me, you’re missing out. I skipped the maple syrup, and am just realizing that I forgot to add coconut! WTF is my problem! I’ve been eating it plain, or with coconut milk and some fruit. Ah-maze.

Paula Deen’s Lettuce Wraps

Yes, you read that right. Paula Deen made something healthy, and PALEO. I was a little upset that I wasn’t going to be soaking my lettuce in butter and deep frying it, but what can you do? I made these with my boyfriend’s mom, and we used a different vinaigrette. That I don’t have the recipe for. But it was delicious- lots of lime, oranges, jalepenos, and other stuff. Why am I even posting this? I’m giving you no relevant information. I really just wanted to share with everyone that Paula Deen made a recipe for shrimp lettuce wraps. Is anyone else as blown away by this as I am?!

So that’s what I’ve been loading up on. I started a little 2 week reset today, so I’ll be doing a lot more cooking and preparation over the next couple weeks. I just feel like I haven’t been super Paleo since I got back from Bermuda. I’ve been eating healthy, but I also haven’t been saying “no” to sweets and cheats. So, little reset. My body needs it, so does my sanity. And Erica and I started a food diary together, so she is going to yell at me if I eat anything bad 🙂

Holler if you have some recipes you want to share! But if there is chocolate involved, I might start to cry a little.



10 thoughts on “Paleo Noms

  1. Paleo wraps, I must try this. I know that they typically eschew any “Sex with your pants on” food that mimics other food with approved ingredients, but I love my tacos!! I figure if I am not drinking beer with them, it can’t be that bad!

      • Yeah people can get a little bit strict with their plans. I am a big fan of the whole 30, but they want you to give up EVERYTHING. I understand the reasoning, but for sanity’s sake, you should be allowed to have some indulgences, especially if it is sugar-free, dairy-free, AND gluten-free!!

  2. I’ve only been at my new school a couple of weeks, and somehow word has gotten out, and I am now known as the “Mad Scientist in the kitchen,” I suppose in reference to my kooky cooking knowledge. On that note, I looked at your tortilla recipe…use whole eggs, or since the recipe calls for so little of them, just yolks. Egg yolks are the stickiest thing you can eat, and they are excellent binders. Now, if you’re gonna violate the Paleo Gospels, and have cheese, you might as well be authentic and use queso fresco or queso panela.

    I would say that Paula Deen lettuce wrap recipe is an A.D. recipe….No! Not Anno Domini, After Diabetes. 😛

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