I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to post playlists from class (I feel like SUCH a celeb, let me tell you) so I’m going to be posting them on Fridays. With very excited titles. See above.

I really am pumped about my jams from this week. Some new, some old, some epic 90s, and some Gangnam Style. Yeah, what of it??

Got the week started Monday with some 90’s jams (and replayed it Wednesday morning… sorry I’m not sorry) There’s a story behind this: Saturday night, I was DD (per usual) and was practically falling asleep at the wheel driving home at 1AM (I always think about if I got pulled over.. “Officer, I don’t drink! I just work out too much and can’t stay up past 10PM! I swear!!). I needed some pump up jams to keep me awake, and Drunks McGee boyfriend put on “How Bizarre”. I immediately perked up and the rest of the ride commenced into a 90’s dance/singing party. And then I was wide awake because I was so excited about 90’s music and started planning my playlist while trying to fall asleep.

Highlights: I Want You- Savage Garden and The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang. “I Want You” has a sneaky fast beat- perfect for flat road/sprints/jumps out to 3. “The Bad Touch” has a friggin AWESOME beat. SOO good for arm pumps. Wildly inappropriate. I had to be really careful to avoid saying my normal things like “pump it deeper, pump it harder!”

Highlights: Lose 2Night- The White Panda and In My Head- David Guetta ft. NERVO. I’ve played “Lose 2Night” a few times before, and I forgot how much I love it. Great for booty tapping, hill, or a sprint, or all of the above. “In My Head” is new to me, and I love it. I chose it for a sprint. Amazing lyrics (I just pretend that it’s not about some dumb relationship drama and it’s about beasting your workouts)

Tell me I’m mad ‘cause in my head
We work you out
You don’t mess around
And the storms do come out
‘Cause in my head
Nothing’s too hard
We fight for us
And we never give up

Thursday night Reboot Advanced class. New class that was added to the schedule and I’m psyched about. Those extra 15 minutes are a killer. I’m formatting them to be more endurance driven rides- so lots of back to back action happening. Back to back jumps, hills, sprints, weights, you get the picture. Harder, better, faster, stronger baby.

Highlights: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Gigamesh Remix)- Michael Jackson and SOS- Rihanna. “DSTYGE” was SUCH an awesome warmup. I love long warmups- was able to incorporate some speed, jumps, and a hill. I am such a spaz. I know. And “SOS” has a great beat for tappin’ those booties. I feel like Rihanna songs get so overplayed, but then you can wait like 2 years and re-introduce them again without people having a conniption.

Oh, and I also played this. I think next class, I’m just going to have everyone get off the bike and actually do the dance.

So there you have it. My spastic taste in music for the week. What’s everyone else listening to??

We also are going to have a new Friday feature coming up.. Stay tuned 🙂






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