Dear Starbucks, I GET IT.

Last week I mentioned that my gym was participating in a nationwide Paleo challenge called the Lurong Challenge (  Well, ladies and gentlemen, that time has finally come! The challenge officially started Monday and I could not be more excited.  For some reason, I always seem to struggle with eating clean in the summer.  I just want ice cream all of the time.  However, since it was 40 degrees when I woke up this morning, I think it’s safe to say that time has officially passed.  So yes, I am really looking forward to the next 60 days.  AND, what’s even better is that I won’t be traveling, so I can fully commit myself to the gym again! Woot Woot!


Another thing I can credit for my lack of clean eating is the introduction of vanilla soy lattes into my life.  Oh. My. God.  Seriously, those things are life changing.  I mean at $5.25 a pop, they better be.  At first I limited myself to one a week, but that unfortunately never happened.  AND THEN, I found out that if you registered a Starbucks card and bought 5 drinks, vanilla and soy would be free! SCORE!  $3.85 for a little slice of heaven is definitely easier to justify than $5.25.


This will probably my one of my future children’s costumes. (

HOWEVER, on Monday morning, the official first day of the Challenge, I get a lovely email from Starbucks saying they will no longer honor the free syrups and soy milk options.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My whole world came crashing down.  However, after some thought, I figured it was probably the universe’s way of telling me to chill the eff on vanilla soy lattes.  Nothing about the drink is healthy or Paleo.  So, thanks for the reality check Starbucks, I heard ya loud and clear.

Do you guys find a certain time of the year to be more difficult to eat clean?  What do you do to prepare for it?  I need your suggestions!



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