Weekend Recap

This weekend definitely felt like the last weekend of summer. I could tell because I wasn’t immediately sweating everywhere I went. Bittersweet. But, it was one of the best (and not just for non-sweating reasons). Little photo recap so I’ll try to refrain myself from rambling too much ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday night, Katie hosted all of the instructors from Recycle at her AMAZING condo in the South End. It was such a fun night. I truly love all of these ladies, and it stinks (literally) that we normally only see each other coming to and from classes. It was great to all be together, minus our boss Cate. ย She did send us some love in the form of iTunes gift cards, which Hugo (Katie’s ridiculously cute Frenchie) enjoyed. However, his attention span waned as dinner went on, more wine was consumed, and the conversation switched to girl talk. Anyways, delicious food, great company. I was bummed to have to bounce and drive down to the Cape, but CANNOT WAIT for our cookie swap in November. Helllooo cheat night!

The Cape. Last weekend down there. It’s crazy how people clear out right after Labor Day weekend. There were only 2 people in my class, 1 of whom was my boyfriend that I had to drag out of bed. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased. He straight up just didn’t do the arm weights. Got schooled by a 50 year old woman. NBD. I digress. It was so much fun being down there this summer and having an excuse to go to the Cape every weekend. This weekend was the perfect last weekend. It was just the 2 of us, a rare occasion since his family’s house was packed this summer. We spent Saturday bopping around- shopping, lunch, ice cream, and Starbucks. Perfect day. It was so nice not having to rush anywhere or do anything!

Saturday afternoon, we went to one of our best friend’s Cape house for a big family dinner and hung there all night, eating, drinking and playing cards (I sat out on the card game. Fun fact about me- I HATE playing cards. Like, hate it. Have zero interest. Unless it’s Spit. Spit rules, and I’m so good at it. Most other card games, I get bored within .25 seconds and have zero interest in learning how to play most games. Party pooper over here. Go ahead and judge me.. just don’t ask me to play cards..) HOWEVER. I was very content just hanging and chatting ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday was perfect. Sundays are currently my only rest days, so I cherish them. I slept in until 10 (insanity!!) and shot out of bed and was like “I need pancakes in my life. Right now” Off I went to Stop N Shop. I ended up buying Bob’s Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix because I was too lazy to make my own Paleo version. It was DELISH. Prob a bit heavier than a Paleo mix, but I was splurging. We added blueberries and EnjoyLife chocolate chips. Had some fresh fruit and organic bacon. Om, nom nom. Rest of the day was spent walking around the golf course and snuggled up on the couch reading Game of Thrones.

One of my favorite weekends of summer. Great people, amazing food, and some relaxing. Oh, and the weather was fresh to death. Why did I just say that?

How was everyone else’s weekend? How’s everyone feel about FALL?!






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