Changing in the Dark

So. I made a big leap a few weeks ago and moved in with my boyfriend (actually, he moved in with me. But I guess we just live together now so it doesn’t matter, right?)

So. You read this blog. You know that I work out a lot. You know that I get up early. You know that I go to bed early. Well, if you could pick someone who was the complete opposite of me, it would be my boyfriend. He works late (on average, leaves the office between 10 and 12), stays up late, and tries to sleep as late as possible. We’ve been dating for almost 4 years, and the first year and a half of our relationship was long distance during college, so we’d only see each other on weekends. Since we’ve both been back in Boston, it’s essentially been the same thing. Except for the rare occasion when Tom is out of work before 10, it only made sense to hang on the weekends when our schedules were better aligned.

In our standard uniforms. Suit and spandex.

So. Cohabitation. A girlfriend asked me how it was going the other day and I said “It’s great! We hardly ever see each other!” How romantic! But it’s true. Our schedules are so opposite, that we still really just see each other on weekends. I go to bed at 10, he gets home around 12. I barely notice him when he comes in (unless he has to pry away my deathgrip on my huge stuffed penguin)  because I’m in such a dead sleep. I wake up and am out the door hours before him. Sometimes, I stop by the apartment before going to work and have to wake him up after he slept through his alarm 150 times. Seriously- what is the point of a snooze button?? I will never understand people who let the alarm snooze for an hour. You do realize that you’re waking up every 5 minutes right?

One of the best parts of waking up early..

So. Point of this post. How do you guys deal with your SO’s opposite schedules? Do you find it INFINITELY harder to get up when there’s someone else snoozing in bed? My old routine was that I’d make my bed as soon as I got out of it, so there would be no temptation. However, I don’t think Tom would appreciate me making the bed while he was still sleeping. I’ve been taking to setting out all my clothes and stuff the night before, so I can just wake up and go. And I try to not look back towards the bed  The problem with this is that I get ready in the dark, and I’ve been wearing my workout clothes inside out. Yep. Good looks! And inevitably, I end up forgetting something. So it will take a little while to get used to. Other than me looking like a moron when I walk into my spin class or WOD,  I feel like I’ve been more organized and more on the ball with laundry, cleaning, being organized, etc. It’s motivating when you know you’re now sharing a space, and you don’t want junk piling up everywhere. Also, laying out workout clothes the night before (something I’ve never done before) is really helpful because it just sort of forces you to to GO. And the extra few minutes of sleep doesn’t hurt either 🙂 I just can’t look back towards the bed.

What do you guys think? There must be loads of you out there who deal with spouses opposite schedules! Teach me your ways of coping! Anyone just straight up resorting to the 1940’s with separate bedrooms..?

Oh, you thought I was joking about spooning a large stuffed penguin?
Well.. this is awkward…



8 thoughts on “Changing in the Dark

  1. My issue is that the BF leaves for work about half an hour before my alarm goes off, and I like that the says goodbye to me in the morning, but totally messes up my sleep! I mean, sure, I could just wake up when he does.. but then how could I *alarm*, *snooze* 5 times? 😉 I’m guilty. Yes, I probably don’t get any benefit out of doing it, but the bed is just so cozy sometimes!

  2. I also deal with this as my partner manages a restaurant until late hours in the night. We live in a studio, so I have to be super quiet in the morning and make sure not to wake up the dog in the process. Also, after 5 years, I still love her so much that it is hard not to stay up and spend time with her. Anyway as far as coping, I think just love and understanding of one another has gone a long way. We also make sure to really make the most of our weekends, going to the mountains and stuff like that.

  3. yes, yes yes My husband works some nights as a bartender so he gets home LATE. I get up at 4:45AM to meet my running group at 5AM. As soon as my alarm goes off, I turn it off and get UP. No snooze, no second thoughts allowed because once I open that mental door, forget it. I’ll blow the workout. I have all my stuff laid out the night before in a separate room so I can get suited up and go. The husband complains I “stomp around” too much in the early AM though ! 🙂

  4. Its hard to get up in the mornings that my fiancee and I are together, but when I do it, I change in the bathroom where I’ve laid all my gear out the night before. Then I tip-toe out the door. The best thing is, when I get back he’s already up and showered and has a cuppa coffee made for me the way I like it… Oh, he’s so good to me!

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