{Intention}: Not Taking Anything for Granted

I love having Erica back on the blog. She’s way funnier than I am, and sassier. And is infinitely better at Crossfit, and life. We have a fun workout date/eating session planned for next weekend, and might even make our first VLOG, so get ready for some awkwardness!

On a more serious note. It was hard to go through yesterday without constantly thinking about the victims lost in 9/11 (unless, of course, you were NBC and decided that Kris Jenner’s breast implants were a more newsworthy topic). All day long, I just kept thinking about how everything can change in a split second. You never know what’s going to happen, and can’t predict for these types of things. Whether it be a horrible, massive terrorist attack, getting rear ended leaving a parking lot, getting fired- shit happens.

I’m a self proclaimed anxiety basketcase. I always assume that the worst is going to happen at any given second. Getting on a plane? Definitely going to crash. Boyfriend is going out drinking? He’s definitely going to choke on his vomit when he’s sleeping. I’m babysitting? The baby is definitely going to fall on their head. I know. I’m crazy. If you didn’t know that by now, now you do. But, I’ve gotten  A LOT better with dealing with my anxieties and my stresses lately. I think I can attribute a lot of this to working out constantly, and releasing tons of energy and built up tension on a spin bike or during a WOD.

Another huge thing that has helped me get over my anxieties is just realizing that I can’t control what happens. You never can. So what if my plane crashes? What can I do about it? Realistically, it’s NOT going to crash and in the .00000001% chance that it does, there’s nothing I can do about it. So why stress yourself out? It’s not worth it to waste any ounce of energy worrying about that kinda stuff.

I taught spin last night, and in honor of 9/11, my intention for the night was to take advantage of being there. How lucky are we to be able to exercise and release all this energy and just BE ALIVE? It sounds silly and kind of cliche, but every day could be your last. I’m not saying to go out and go sky diving every day, but make the most of it. Whether it be on the spin bike, or in your job, or in your relationships. Do everything to the best of your ability. Don’t get hung up on the small stuff.Don’t waste any time. Don’t slack off. Don’t take advantage of anything. Don’t take ANYTHING for granted. Your health, your body, your loved ones. Appreciate everything. Every single day. It’s sad that events like 9/11 have to remind us to do this. Something like 9/11 could happen again tomorrow (I pray that it doesn’t) but we just never know.

Played this for the warm up. Gotta hear it for New York.

Also played “Power” by Kanye. I love this song because it gets me pumped and it’s a great hill, but the lyrics are actually really amazing (minus him swearing every other word) and especially thought the ending lyrics were very powerful:

Now this’ll be a beautiful death
I’m jumping out the window
I’m letting everything go
I’m letting everything go
You got the power to let power go flow

Intention for today and for always- don’t take anything for granted.



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