Friday Jams

Oh yeah, that’s right. TWO POSTS in one day. NBD. I haven’t posted playlists in awhile, and I’ve had some pretty good ones recently (yep, tooting my own horn). Got some new jams, combined with some old school ones. Here are my most recent playlists from the past couple of weeks, with my faves called out:

So f-ing obsessed with this song, and love this remix. I did a fast flat road with sprint intervals. Goal was to keep the same fast pace in between sprints, no recoveries. Pretty sure I lied to my class and only said it was 5 minutes, didn’t realize it was almost 6. Sorry, not sorry. Get that extra burn, baby!

Got this one from my girl Amanda over at Spinmuse. Love the heavy beat. I used it for weights, but definitely could use it for a hill too.


Clearly I was feeling EXPLICIT this night… Worked in some hip hop, which normally isn’t my style, but it was so fun.

Yeah, go ahead and pretend that this song doesn’t make you feel wicked badass.


I can’t remember if I’ve posted this one before. I don’t think I have, but if I did, you should be reminded of it again. SUCH a jam! Use this one frequently for warmups/general booty tapping. And now I’m head bobbing at my desk.

This is embarrassing because I was going to call out “Everybody Dance Now” then realized that I already did that 2 weeks ago. So calling out Ms. Beyonce. Christina introduced me to this song (aka she played it in her class and I NEEDED it in my life immediately). How badly do I want to be Beyonce in this video? SO RIDIC. This song is great for sprints, out in second or third, get that pump goin’. Uh huh huh huh.

What are your current favorite jams? What’s your favorite stuff to work out to?

Happy booty tapping!





One thought on “Friday Jams

  1. Love your posts on what songs you’re working out to, allows me to add some things to my running playlist =]
    Got to say, I’m in love with “Some Nights” by fun. Lol. Something about the beat I think that pumps me up.
    There’s about 4 songs though that I find I tend to run faster to. I know you guys mostly do spin and CrossFit so I’m not entirely sure how well these songs would work (never done either), or if it’s something you’d even listen to lol.
    Adele – Rumor Has It (great beat to keep up with)
    Dropkick Murphy’s – Shipping Up to Boston
    Flogging Molly – Devil’s Dance Floor
    The Young Dubliners – Follow Me Up to Carlow
    The last 3 songs I love to end my runs with the most, I like to finish strong so I tend to push myself a little further at the end and those 3 are great for that.

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