The Good Ol’ 5:00AM Mental Struggle

After all my big talk about “no excuses” the past few weeks, I found myself coming up with a million excuses as to why I shouldn’t go to CrossFit this morning. Let me walk you through my little internal struggle from the past 24 hours:

8:30PM– My leg is still bugging me from spin this morning. I think I pulled a muscle. Let me check the WOD for tomorrow and see if it’s do-able.

8:35PM– Wall balls, handstand pushups, and power cleans. Sounds miserable, but at least it’s not a ton of lower body. I’ll be fine. (chugs Advil)

10:00PM– Going to bed. My leg still kinda hurts. Maybe I won’t go in the morning. I’ll set my alarm for 5:45 just in case.

4:50AM– Wake up to go pee, less than an hour before my alarm goes off. Kind of enough time to fall back asleep, but not quite. Will I be sluggish? Should I turn off my alarm and skip it? My leg doesn’t hurt anymore. Is it raining out? Damn you stupid bladder.


5:45AM– Alarm goes off. I guess I did fall back asleep. Peel myself away from my new roommate (boyfriend) all snuggled up and cozy. Bastard gets to sleep for 2 more hours.

5:47AM– It’s raining out. It’s dark out. Bed is comfortable. Boyfriend is still sleeping. I should just skip it. Should I skip it? I think of how mad I’ll be at myself later on if I stay in bed and say “fuck it” and jump into my already laid out workout gear.

6:00AM– Drag myself out to my car. 100% humidity and already 80 degrees. And it’s dark. Almost hit a car as I back out of my driveway. Become disgruntled as the radio tells me there’s traffic on 93S. Should I just turn around? Clearly this WOD is not meant to be..

6:23AM– Traffic lady LIED to me as I made it to Reebok in record time. I do some stretching and check out the WOD for the day:

6:33AM– As we start warming up, I tell myself there is no way in HELL I’m doing 30 rounds, or handstand pushups, and decide that I will do the Level One option instead (15 rounds, modified pushups)

6:47AMLindsey tells me to give the handstand pushups a shot using a box. I agree.

6:50AM– The workout begins. After the first few rounds and correcting my form/getting into a groove, I decided it wasn’t so bad.

7:05AM– I get to 15 rounds, and am absolutely drenched in sweat, but look around the room and see everyone still going at it. I decide I will look like a total wuss if I stop now, so I tell myself I will go 5 more rounds, and switch to straight pushups.

7:10AM– I finish the next 5 rounds just as Lindsey comes over to correct my form on my power clean. I tell her I’m done, that I did 20 (I feel like I’m going to die at this point). She gives me an “okay, cool” look that wasn’t as rewarding as I was hoping. I was hoping she’d be like “OMG YOU ARE THE GREATEST CROSSFITTER TO EVER LIVE and you should definitely stop now”. She wasn’t demeaning or disapproving at all, but there was something in her eyes that told me I could keep going.

7:11AM– Okay, 5 more rounds. I’ll get to 25.

7:15AM– 25 rounds done. Most people are finishing up at this point, but I’ll be damned if I get to 25 and am not going to push myself to get to 30.

7:20AM– I finish the 30 rounds and walk away feeling like I really accomplished something. And I did. More than the physical intensity of the workout, I was more proud that I got over my mental battle and pushed myself to do something that I didn’t think I was capable of doing- something that I almost didn’t even get out of bed to do. The workout was super intense and I definitely struggled through parts of it, but there is something SO motivating about CrossFit. I know this isn’t news to anyone who has been doing CrossFit for awhile, but if it weren’t for the people surrounding me, I probably would have stopped at 15. You look around and see everyone busting ass, pushing themselves past their limits, encouraging each other, helping each other out, sweat pouring, music blaring, endorphins flying out of control… it’s pretty damn inspiring to say the least.

7:45AM– As I get into my car on the drive home, still dripping in sweat and sitting in my own swass (attractive), I bask in that amazing post workout bliss. I imagine that I look like a fitness model with a nice glow and misty skin, just finishing up a casual run on the beach. (Realistically, I am sitting in traffic driving through Mattapan, looking like a hot mess and the humidity is not helping my cause). My body is tired but mentally I’m alert and energized. I give myself a pat on my sweaty back.

8:15AM– I arrive back at my apartment and wake up my boyfriend, who is groggy and slept through his alarm… and I’m pretty f-ing happy that I didn’t sleep in.

What gets YOU out of bed in the morning?



13 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ 5:00AM Mental Struggle

  1. It’s the thinking about it that always gets me. Once I can get myself into the mindset of alarm means feet on the ground and go, I’m usually good. It’s been a while though since I’ve been practicing that. Beds are all wonderful in the morning and it makes it hard to leave! Definitely, worth the effort though to get a morning workout in!

  2. That’s something I can’t do. I love CrossFit more than most other things I could do with my time, but not more than sleep. And I sleep through CrossFit EVERY SINGLE TIME I set my alarm to get up for it. Ah weeeelll.

  3. I train in the morning too, so that’s always what gets me out of bed! For some reason, if I’m expecting to get up for a workout, I’ll almost always be able to get up no problem. It’s the days where I have nothing planned that I end up lounging around, snoozing and unmotivated! Thankfully I think I’m a little bit more of a morning person than most…Plus I know if I save my workout for later in the day its never as good!

  4. what in the world is a handstand pushup ? I leave at 4:50AM in the morning to meet a running group at 5AM. Not getting out of bed is not an option when people are waiting on you ! GOOD FOR YOU for going out alone.

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