Snap Back to Reality

I’m bacckkkk. Sad faces times a million. I meant to post last week telling everyone I would be MIA for 10 days in Bermuda, and then it was absolute madness before I left, and I forgot, and then I went into vacation mode. I’m SURE you were all anxiously wondering where I was and if I was okay (ha!). I just got back from 10 days of absolute heaven down in Bermuda. Every day was so relaxing, and our only worries were “should we go snorkeling today, or lay on the beach, or go jet skiing, or out on the boat?” Tough life, huh?

My boyfriend’s family has a hotel business down there, so I’ve been lucky enough to tag along on a few trips down there, and it might be my favorite place in the world. First of all- it’s f-ing gorgeous. The water is so clear with a gazillion shades of blue and tons of reefs. It’s hot and sunny and humid and you sweat as soon as you walk out the door, but who cares when you can just jump in that amazing water! Second- the food is bomb. Third- the people are incredible. The men wear high socks with bow ties and blazers. Sold. Fourth- it’s less than 2 hours from Boston. Wham, bam, thank you MA’AM. I need to stop talking about how amazing it is because it’s too depressing sitting in my cube and not at the beach.

Quick workout recaps- I actually worked out 6 out of the 9 days we were there! And by working out, I mean actually going to the gym or running. Every day I was active, whether it be swimming, walking or paddle boarding (obsessed!). I was so happy that I started CrossFit before going down because I was able to do travel WODs that kicked my butt and were only about 20 minutes. Perfect for vacation. I ate relatively well, lots of fresh seafood and fruit,… up until the last 2 days where I sort of just let myself eat whatever I wanted. Blueberry pancakes? Check. Ice cream? Necessary. Rum Swizzles? I’d be doing Bermuda a dishonor if I didn’t have any!! Anyways, I was quickly brought back to reality when I taught last night and this morning. It’s INSANE what missing 10 days of spin does to you.

Anyways. Enough chit chat. Time for some beach pics to brighten up your day/make it a little more depressing.

And there you have it. I’m glad to be back in the swing of things but am already counting down the days until we go back!!

How was everyone’s Labor Day Weekend? Did you splurge or behave yourself?!




8 thoughts on “Snap Back to Reality

  1. Gorgeous photos. So jealous about the paddleboarding! I totally want to try it out. I’m planning on it this month, but we’ll see. I definitely need to go see Bermuda now – looks so relaxing!

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