Oh Hello Wednesday…

Happy Hump Day evvvvverybody! Is it just me, or does the week before a long weekend seem to drag by sooooo sloooowlyyyy?  Especially when you’re staring at this all day…

Yup, just living the life down here in the dirty jerzzzz.  Since I’ve been traveling, my life has been pretty boring.  I get up at 5:30am, work out, get to the office at 7, stay till 8, eat dinner in my room, and go to bed.  Sweet life right?

WELL, last night I was feeling all adventurous and went out to eat with a girl from work.  We went to this cute little seafood restaurant in central Jersey and I got this!

Get. In. My. Belly.

It was probably the best piece of salmon I’ve had in awhile.  It wasn’t exactly paleo with the beans and whatnot, but whatever, close enough.  After dinner, I made the mental note to cook more fish.  Maybe this weekend.

On another note, I am SUPER excited for this weekend!  I plan on sitting on the beach for three straight days and not moving.  You know what’s sad?  I literally haven’t been in the sun all summer long. How depressing is that? I have zero tan lines to prove it.  And I’m going to go clamming!  And making clam casino!  Don’t worry, I’ll have a recipe for your guys next week.

I’m coming for ya, Nauset Beach…

It really doesn’t get more paleo than hunting and gathering your own clams



3 thoughts on “Oh Hello Wednesday…

  1. That salmon looks phenomenal! I’m such a seafood lover but can never make it as well as restaurants!

    Soak up those rays girl but use sunscreen! I live 2 mins in walking distance to my beach and I have been TWICE the whole summer! Maybe I’ll squeeze in some beach time as well this weekend before it’s too late!

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