Healthy Living Summit Recap


Welcome to the week of HLS recaps! I’m going to keep mine short and sweet, and will let the pictures speak for themselves (because, let’s be realistic, everyone’s attention span is better when you’re looking at pictures, not reading!)

The weekend started off with another fresh pair of Reebok RealFlex’s. I was pumped, since I’ve been loving my other pair.


Friday night was a cocktail party/ice breaker session. It’s always a little nerve wracking to have to go up to people and introduce yourself and strike up a convo, but I was lucky enough to come across 3 awesome ladies right away, Mary, Diana and Chrysanthe.

There were some badass sponsors there, like Energy Bits, Reebok and Rebootizer. I’m really looking forward to testing out the Energy Bits and Reboot products!

How many girls will fit into a room for a WOD….? We put it to the test.

Some ladies (Clare, Katelyn, and Diana… link yourself in the comments if you’re in here!) pre WOD- thank you Courtney for the pic!

Screen grab from Reebok’s Instagram. Love the quote, the shirt, those back muscles, annnddd me being a clown in the back. I hope that’s not what my “game face” looks like…

Diana and I post WOD, crushed it. AMRAP of 7 air squats and 15 jumps in 5 minutes. We both did 17 rounds. I promise you I don’t always have a neck vein roiding out…

Lunch was amazing. Props to whoever designed this menu- there was something for everyone! Vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten free (I guess you kinda have to cover your bases at a Healthy Living Summit…) I stuck with tomato and avocado salad and some bomb grilled chicken.

So excited I got to meet THE Kelly Olexa in person a few times. She is hilarious, and inspiring as hell. Really proud to be part of her amazing company! Also met another new friend (and fellow Boston blogger!) Stellina.

There were lots of great seminars throughout the weekend, but my favorite part was meeting new people and and discovering new blogs. It’s fun to be part of a movement and be surrounded by other people who are just as passionate about health and fitness as I am. Sorry this is kind of a lame recap- it would take me a whole week to fit in all the content! And I have to keep some of it secret so I have some surprises for y’all for later.. 😉

Were you at HLS? What was your favorite part?










5 thoughts on “Healthy Living Summit Recap

  1. Haha, I’m not even sure if we met this weekend, but I’m in your picture of the pre-WOD! What a great weekend — also, Loving your blog. Just started following a little while ago. I’m a Boston area blogger too, so maybe we’ll see each other at a meet up or something!

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