Gyms On The Go

One of the excuses we hear a lot is that people can’t workout because gym memberships are too expensive.  Well suckers, you are about to get served!  I’m back on the road again which means I’m away from my one true love that is CrossFit.  However, that doesn’t mean i’m going to sit in my hotel room all night being sad that i’m away from my box.  No way Jose!

I went exploring my first day in the lovely town that is Bridgewater, NJ and noticed I was pretty close to the high school track.  Score!  After further investigation, I realized that it was not just a track but a whole athletic complex!  Double score!  Endless opportunities!  So I decided to make that area my gym/b*tch for the week.

First off, it is worth mentioning that Bridgewater just happens to be home to the Panthers.  So, when i’m running around the track, you better believe I pretend that I’m in the home of the Dillion Panthers and Coach Taylor (and Tim Riggins) are there on the sidelines cheering me on. Oh Friday Night Lights, how I miss you so!


On Monday, I decided to hit the track because the fields were soaked. It was a pretty nice track and had a bunch of random agility stuff at the end of the field that I wanted to dabble in after the WOD.  I even had the opportunity to watch cheerleading practice as I ran around the track.  I ran to the beat of “t-t-o-t-o-u-c-h down ” and “Panthers, Stop. That. Line”… or something to that effect.  Quality stuff right there.


Thankfully, I didn’t need to use my imagination on Monday since my gym’s WOD could be done at a track.  The WOD is seriously just as hard as it looks, but was a good one!  My arms were crying for two days.

Run 800 meters
50 push ups
Run 400 meters
25 push ups
Run 800 meters
50 push ups

On Tuesday, storms were alooming so I got in a quick workout at the track.  This WOD consisted of:

1 mile run
3 Rounds of:
10 push ups
20 squats
30 sit ups

On Wednesday, since the rain finally died down, I headed to the baseball/soccer field area for some tabata fun.  Tabata is eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and will kick your ass.  I was surprised I was able to get through this WOD on grass since i’m usually a super bug-phobe. But, after my first tabata, laying on that buggy grass felt phenomenal.

My WOD went something like this:

Run 400 m (estimate)

Tabata burpees
Run 400 m
Tabata sit ups
Run 400
Tabata mountain climbers
Run 400
Tabata air squats

Surprisingly the mountain climbers were the absolute worst.  My shoulders were burning after 10 seconds.  I’m sure I was a sight for sore eyes on that tabata.  Tonight i’m thinking of actually exploring my hotel gym.  Woot Woot!  Do you guys have any go to workouts if you can’t make it into the gym?  I’d love any suggestions!



One thought on “Gyms On The Go

  1. Excellent! No reason to sulk away on the road and no access to a gym. Glad to hear you were able to find a fitness complex in the area. Speaking of Tabata – I love it! I believe that Tabata can actually alternate from the 20/10 to really whatever you want to set it at. I have a Tabata app on my phone and I use 40/20 for 10 different workouts, which I do 3 times, with 2 minute rests in-between. It turns out to be a 36 minute workout (2 min warmup). Nice to hear others have found Tabata! I’d like to do Crossfit eventually – sounds like quite the challenge.

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