New Jams & Gearing it UP

This week is just ridiculous. It’s just been go, go, go! Not complaining though. Well, I guess I’m kinda complaining because up until about 2 hours ago, I thought it was Friday. Fail.

Last night, I subbed the Rerock Power Hour for Katie at Recycle. I love teaching this class because it’s a blast to pick the playlist and the extra 15 minutes on the bike always kick my ass. I did a little funkified playlist last night with some old school gems and some new jams:

I am SO obsessed with Lucky Strike by Maroon 5 right now. Literally just makes me want to fly off the bike, it gets me so pumped up. Speaking of flying off the bike- I’ve been trying out some new stuff in class lately. If you’ve been in my classes before, you know I love speed. Love it. My goal is to look down at my legs and imagine that they’re not attached to my body (weird.. I know.. but that’s what goes through my heads during sprints). Anyways, lately I’ve been really conscious about incorporating more gear throughout the entire workout- whether its a hill, jumps, pumps or even sprints. Usually during my warmup, I stick to a flat road with speed intervals, but my past few rides I’ve been doing heavier warmups, and holy balls, it’s amazing how much more that sweat will pour when you turn that wheel a few notches to the right. And, after consistently spinning for 8 months, I (and all the badass Recyclists!) have built up a lot more strength, and we can tackle that gear. It’s also way more fun to ride and bounce out in 3rd when you’re actually pushing hard to stay with the beat. And- it’s 45 minutes. Why not make the most of it and take it to the next level?

How do you push yourself in your workouts? Heavier weight, more sprints, uphills, more repetitions? What drives you to deliver that extra kick in your behind?

Leaving y’all with some of my other favorite jams from the past few weeks… and by favorite, I mean they’re constantly on repeat on my iPod. Seriously, stop what you’re doing right now and listen to these. And don’t hate me if you hear them in every single one of my classes for the next week…..psych!




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