CrossFit Recap: Day One

The sport of Emily finally doing CrossFit has arrived! (See what I did there..?)

Yesterday, I started a 3 month trial at CrossFit One, the signature CrossFit Box located at Reebok’s World Headquarters (conveniently 20 minutes from my apartment). First of all- the Reebok HQ is unreal. There’s a track going around the main facility, lots of fields, gorgeous fountains and the most ridiculous CrossFit Box I’ve ever seen. It’s HUGE and everything is brand spankin’ new and shiny.

I’m not going to lie- I was really nervous for my first official WOD. I’ve done CrossFit 3 times before, and each time I felt like I was going to vomit and was sore for days. I was really worried about injuring myself or being too sore to teach. But I put those fears aside and decided I was going to give it my all, and wouldn’t try to be a CrossFit superstar from day one.

Immediately upon entering the gym, I understood what the hype is about. There’s a huge sense of community between the members, especially at this location since it’s all Reebok employees. Everyone I met was incredibly welcoming and friendly, including the guy that I stalked to find the gym.. (side story- the Reebok campus is huge, and I literally drove around it 3 times before chasing after another car, flagging it down, assumed he was going to CrossFit, and told him I was going to follow him. I swear I didn’t look like a fitness crazed psycho at 6:15AM…) Anyhoo. Kat, the girl that set me up with the trial, introduced me to everyone and stayed by my side throughout the whole WOD, which was awesome. The head trainer, Ashley, was really friendly and kept coming over to check on my form and to see that I was still breathing.

The WOD (I feel SO COOL using CrossFit lingo) was 3 rounds of 15 hang clean and jerks (I used 15 lb dumbbells) and 15 burpees over the box (I did box jumps in between each burpee). Ashley told me to start off doing 8 reps of each exercise rather than jumping in full force on my first day, so I did one round of 8, then 10, then 12 reps. Out of my 3 CrossFit experiences, this was the first time where the trainer took into account that I was a beginner, which was very smart of her and greatly appreciated by me. I think that was my beef with my few other experiences- I was getting thrown into these workouts that are super intense, where I was probably doing everything wrong, and felt like shit for 3 days after. It really does make a difference who your coach is, and I’m looking forward to the plethora of incredible trainers at this box.

It took me 7:38 to do my scaled back version of the WOD. What impressed me the most about the whole workout was how encouraging and motivating everyone was. Everyone was cheering each other on, especially towards the end when there were only a few people left completing the workout. I literally got goosebumps just feeling all the energy and inspiration that these people were exuding (I was still just trying to breathe over in the corner). After the WOD, they do something called an “after bash” which is basically an extra little workout at the end where they focus on form. They were doing Olympic lifts and snatches yesterday, and Kat told me I should sit that out and gave me a full tour of the box, explained the Hero workouts and gave me my own WOD notebook tracker! So official!

I was pretty sore this morning, but it wasn’t unbearable. Washing my hair was a little bit of a struggle as my arms/chest were super sore, but I know that over time I’ll build up my strength. Overall, my nerves are totally gone and I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months.

I think I may have gotten bit by the CrossFit bug…


** This campaign is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own.


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