Summer Obsessions

I’m all about lists lately. Making to-do lists up the wazoo (although these lists mostly turn into doodles…) and half the things never get done… BUT that is besides the point! I’ve been having the best summer ever. Seriously. I think each summer, the older you get, the better it gets. You can make your own decisions, do what you want, plan trips, see friends, go to the beach. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe my prime is behind me, but this summer has f-ing ruled. So I thought I would share some of my favorite things that have made this summer rock (some fitness related.. some not. At all. Heh!)

1.) Game of Thrones


Okay, I realize I’m a little late to hop on this bandwagon but HOLY BALLS Game of Thrones is amazing!! The good/bad thing about watching it now is that both seasons are On Demand.. which means I can watch it whenever I want. Which means I can also watch 4 episodes in a row if I want.. that may or may not have happened on a lazy Sunday… But seriously, this show is the balls. I’m a history dork, so I love watching time period pieces. Granted I was not alive in the medieval era, I would like to think that I too would have been married to a badass warrior and given birth to dragons. Most likely. They do a great job of capturing the atmosphere, and the character development and plotlines are off the weezy (what? just go with it) and watch this show. Yes- I realize how lame it is to include a TV show on my top lists of things to do this summer. Take another look again at Karl Drogo up there then tell me it’s lame. Drool.

2.) Cape Cod

I’ve been teaching down the Cape at Willowbend every Saturday morning, and it’s been so awesome having an excuse to go down every weekend. First of all, my classes have been so much fun. It’s a way different crowd/environment than I’m used to teaching, but it’s been amazing. I’ve had a consistent crew all summer and it’s been really inspiring to see them all get stronger and better every week. Their booty tapping skills have greatly improved since the beginning of summer! And, it’s been great to spend quality time with my boyfriend. We hardly see each other during the week, so it’s been awesome to get to spend every weekend together (he might disagree..) We’ve also been able to spend a lot of time with his family (who I love) and invite friends down. So lots of spinning, pool time, cocktails, and beach. Oh, and it’s doing wonders for my tan. No complaints here!

3.) Electrofunk

New favorite genre of music for working out/bopping around to. So upbeat and energetic. Current favorites are Calling Party and Bullshit and Grapevine. Am on the lookout for many more so send ’em my way if you have any suggestions!

4.) Dark Chocolate Ginger


These little bad boys brighten up my day (well.. more my time of the month. TMI?) I have a ginger obsession, and when you put it together with dark chocolate, it’s pretty much heaven in my mouth. Ginger makes me feel so good.. settles the stomach, calms your throat.. and adding a little chocolate gives a little boost of energy and a whole lot of happiness. However- I’ve realized there’s a threshold with chocolate (that I sometimes cross) where you if you have too much, you feel like crap. Self control, Emily, self control…

5.) This painting


My friend, spin sister, and bomb painter Jenna just finished this painting for me. I bought it as a gift to give to my boyfriend for when we move in together this month (holy crap). I’m obsessed with this because it’s my first piece of art I’ve purchased, I bought it from an incredible person that I met through spin, and I guess it sort of represents a big transition in my relationship (I want to punch myself for writing that sentence.. but its true) Anyways- the painting is an abstract representation of both of our signatures, and there’s so much energy throughout the piece. It literally bounces off the canvas when you look at it, and there are a gazillion little details when you see it in person. And it’s huge! 5×4 feet! It rules. I am so happy with this and can’t wait to wake up to it every day.

I just realized my list doesn’t include anything fitness related. I DO have some new fitness obsessions though! I will save those for a later post. What are you guys digging this summer? Fitness or non fitness related?

Happy Humpday




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