Crossfit: The “Fad” Sport

Yesterday at work I was talking to the client about how I wanted to go running in Central Park.  He started talking about all the cool routes and asked me if I was a runner.  I responded with something along the lines of how I use to run in college, but haven’t run much since starting CrossFit.  He then looked at me and said “Oh yeah, that fad workout that everybodys doing?”.  Are you shitting me?

I’m sorry, I didn’t know a “fad” workout could get you in the best shape of your entire life.  Please, tell me more about your exercise philosophy…

Although it may come as a surprise to a lot of you, I do not get mad easily.  I’m usually pretty good about letting things slide and giving people the benefit of the doubt.  However, if someone talks smack about something I love, you better believe my inner bitch will come out.  However, since he is a superior (in work, not in life), I couldn’t speak my mind and defend my one true love that is CrossFit.   Instead, I explained to him in a fairly calm and professional voice that, although he might not be aware, CrossFit has actually been around for awhile and, in my opinion, is here to stay.  I started telling him how it is not just an “exercise routine” (his words, not mine), but rather an amazing community of people who rally around and support each other.   However, since he was fairly out of shape, what I really wanted to do was challenge him to a push up contest so I could whoop his ass.  Wait, that’s not lady like?  Whatever.

Oh, and if you were wondering, my “run” around Central Park ended up being a brisk walk.  It was far too hot and humid for that shizz.  But, regardless, the park is amazing.  I wanted to go to the zoo, but it was unfortunately close.  Next time, Central Park, next time.  Here are a couple of pictures!

Guess who finally got Instagram?!  This girl!

Phew, now I feel better!  Please tell me you guys have had similar experiences.  And now that that’s off my chest, I leave you guys with a little food for thought (pun intended)…

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Are you awkwardly passionate/protective of your workouts like I am?  What do you do? Please tell me I am the only crazy person here..



3 thoughts on “Crossfit: The “Fad” Sport

  1. Not gonna lie, that is pretty crazy 😉 Seriously, though, having conviction about anything you do is commendable. I suppose I would be resistant to challenges toward my workout regimen, for someone I know already tried to talk me into doing CrossFit. I also see that there are ‘perfect’ workouts for each person, and they differ in the same respect.

  2. I think the bad rap CrossFit gets is from the explosion in popularity – if a lot of people like a thing, some people just take it upon themselves to hate it. I mean, I’ve heard a few horror stories here and there about not-so-great CrossFit gyms and sort-of-certified trainers, but that’s definitely in the minority. Sounds like the dude was being a putz for the sake of being a putz. I have 3 brothers, and my favorite thing to do when someone gripes about something I love is to force them to uncomfortably explain what they dislike about it.

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