Apparently I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong…

One of my friends posted this on Facebook yesterday.  Who knew deadlifts ended in the overhead position? Mind blowing stuff right here…

Have you guys run into any weird workout advice that makes absolutely no sense?  We’d love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “Apparently I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong…

  1. Certainly not a deadlift. Deadlift ends up standing with arms down.

    If it’s a pulling up to standing, then from chest to extended that’s a “clean and jerk” And if, while in squatting position, you lift up overhead, then stand up that’s called “the snatch”. As an adult male with a high schooler’s sense of humor, I obviously love those names. Hope they’re televised on the Olympics!!!

  2. They were televised on the Olympics. Is no one else watching? Some amazingly impressive female weight-lifters seemed to have no problem lifting overhead…well, at first, anyway.

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