I’m Back!

I’m back!  Please excuse my month long hiatus, I was stuck at a client without internet access.  Super big thanks to Emily for holding down the fort, again, for like, the third time this year.  I owe ya big!

Lets see, where to start.  After much resistance, my brother in law finally gave in and decided to go Paleo!  I literally never thought I’d see the day.  He is 2 weeks in and already down 11 pounds!  Stupid boys, they lose weight so fast.  But WOOT, I’m so proud of him!  He sent me this picture Saturday with the caption “Brocolli is Paleo right”. What a tease.. 

 I’m working on getting him to write a guest post after his 30 days up.  I think it will be interesting to get a dudes point of view.  I know, the suspense is killing you.

Tom double fisting before his Paleo challenge

In other exciting news, my sister bought her first pair of lulus!  I am hoping they are as life changing for her as they were for me.  Its funny to see her go through the exact same thought pattern as I did when I first started CrossFit.  For me, it went something like this…

First, you entertain the thought of joining a box for a couple of weeks.  You are scared shittless of getting your ass kicked so you keep putting it off.  Then one day, you decide to stop being a baby and give it a try.  During the WOD, you think that only crazy people could enjoy this sort of torture and you vow to never go back.  Once you finally peel yourself off the ground, you starting thinking “it really wasn’t that bad”.  You go back the next day and realize that you are one of those crazy people now.  You start noticing that all the other girls’ asses look amazing in these pants called lululemon.  You look them up online and almost sh!t a brick when you see how expensive they are.  You vow never to spend that much money on something you will only work out in.  A couple of weeks go by, and you start entertaining the thought of just trying on a pair to see what all the fuss is about.  You find a pair, try them on, and are instantly blow away by how amazing your butt looks.  Suddenly, that $89 price tag doesn’t seem so ridiculous.  You wear them to the gym and realize your life has been forever changed.

Wait, you guys didn’t go through the same thought pattern when you first started CrossFit?  Weird, I thought everyone did.  Anyways, sorry for the boring-ness of this post.  You know it’s been a slow weekend when this is all you have to share on a Monday morning.  Or, maybe it has something to do with the fact I can’t concentrate because the person next to me has been blabbing on the phone no stop for an hour.  Hang it up lady, no one cares that you were too drunk to drive home last night.

I digress.  Have an awesome week everybody! I’ll leave you all with this cutie picture of my baby girl…

She’s become quite the home wrecker.. 



2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! Also- that was a great post… I’m still finding myself in the scared sh*tless phase of having tried one workout at my local Crossfit gym, got completely humbled, and have yet to go back. Not that part of me doesn’t want to… it’ll happen. I’ll make it happen. 🙂 You two are an inspiration in many ways. And great comic relief too

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