Rants and Raves

How bout a little Humpday rant?? I know, I promised that I would post this yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Clearly. I’m going to vent.

Things that bother me.

Slow walkers/cell phone talkers/hallway hoggers: OH. MY. GOD. You should see me when I get stuck behind someone walking slow. I literally get anxiety and start planning my path of escape around them. I have to walk through a crowded mall to get to my office building, so this happens almost every day. I just don’t understand why people walk so GD slow. Do you not have anywhere you need to be? If I am going somewhere, I am getting from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, and if I’m just out for a walk for fun, you better believe I am hauling ass to get my burn on. I wish I had mega charged leaf blower I could swoosh people away with. Also grouped into this realm are people who walk around crowded public places with their noses buried into their phones. I just want to body slam into them and say “OH I’M SORRY, I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION EITHER”. Same with people who just STOP in the middle of a hallway or public space. “Oh, what a convenient place to stop! How about right here, in the middle of all these people? That sounds great!!”

Smoke breaks: Why are non-smokers not allowed to take a 15 minute break every hour for fresh hair? Do I need to develop a life threatening habit to make it acceptable for me to leave my desk? “Ohh my gahd. I needa get sahm maah butts!!”

Selfies: I strongly dislike selfie pictures. Not necessarily other people taking them, but me taking them. I feel like a MySpace pedophile snapping some in the mirror shots. That being said, I’m trying to get more snaps of me working out, and sometimes the only way to do it is the good old selfie. Our Queen FitFluential bee, Kelly Olexa, is always taking them and always looks fabulous, so this is a #PROOF shot for her (although my facial expression still shows my true feelings..)

Derrrr. Right after doing abs this morning.. gettin’ there.. which brings me to my next hate…

ABS: Abs are my LEAST favorite thing to do. I just can’t get excited about doing them. I DO get really excited thinking about having a toned tummy, so if someone could transport one of those over that would be great. I think my biggest issue with abs is that so many exercises involve laying down, and when I lay down, I get sleepy and daydream about being on my couch or in my bed. And then I realize I’m on a sweaty gym floor and “Call me Maybe” is blasting in my ears for the 10th time in a row and I’ve only done one crunch. Fail.

Counting Calories: I get really bothered by the whole “counting calories” trend that is still happening. I understand portion control and cutting back on your food intake, but when people think they can eat 100 calorie packs of sugar free, reduced fat Cheezits and think that’s helping them out, I want to shake them and tell them to wake the F up. Also, if someone counted how many calories I consumed a day it would be semi embarrassing/epic.

This Stupid Sickness: I went to the doctor’s on Friday and my doctor thinks it’s acid reflux and gave me some Prilosec to take every morning for two weeks. But then I got sick the next night. Same exact symptoms. I’ve been being really conscious about not eating a ton and particularly not eating before bed, and Saturday night was no different. I finished dinner around 8, and the intense chest cramping and heartburn/shakes/chills/puking didn’t happen until 12:30-2:30. I also got blood work done so am hoping to get some more closure as to what the hell is going on.

Phew, okay, rant over. I’ll finish on a more positive note with some things I’m loving lately (I won’t be as descriptive because let’s face it, it’s more fun to rant than be mushy gushy)

What I’m loving….

  • Being in Boston. 
  • This summer. 
  • The inspiring people in my life. 
  • Spinning. 
  • Going Scotland and Iceland with my main man in less than 2 weeks!
  • Cooking. 
  • Paleo treats. 
  • Game of Thrones. 
  • Getting stronger. 
  • Sleeping like a rock (minus when I get my disease). 
  • My family. 
  • Sunshine. 
  • All things coconut. 
  • My AMAZEBALLS coat from AllSaints I got for half off! Wooot woot

 Gorgeous sunset on the Cape

A most delicious, all natural treat!

Jenna and Megan, two of my super inspiring, kick ass spin sisters

What are you guys loving or hating lately?? Wednesday is the day to let it all out!

Despite my rants, I’m a very happy, lucky girl.

Just don’t start walking slowly in front of me 🙂



15 thoughts on “Rants and Raves

  1. I must admit, sometimes when I am out, after I have worked out, I relish the opportunity to mosey through the isles of the grocery store or the book store. I expend my ferocity during my workouts, but at most other times, I am not really in a hurry (Next time I am in a mall in Boston, I will be vigilant not to get in your way). I also agree that exercises I do on a flat bench or a decline bench do make me want to just close my eyes and fall asleep, my hands still gripping the bar above my head. Speaking of a decline bench, have you tried decline sit-ups for abs? I switched from doing crunches to those, a couple months ago, and I am thrilled with the results…try them with a weight plate sitting on your chest, if you dare 😉 In all honesty, though, from looking at the picture, I would do a double-take if I saw you at the gym 🙂
    Things that have been irritating me are people treating the gym machines and equipment like it is their own, and at their house. There are machine attachments all over the floor, near the machines, instead of on the racks. And many people do not understand that in between sets, while resting, they need to get their ass up so I can do a set. You can rest elsewhere…
    And finally, the weight area is not a bar. If you are going to form a ‘herd’ and chat it up, get out of the weight area. Believe it or not, you are both annoying and in the way. And “No!” the area directly in front of the water fountain is not a good place to stand…

  2. I’ll contribute a rant: the cashiers at Publix (our grocery store here down south) comment on literally everything you purchase…it takes FOREVER. The other day, I had a cashier look at a bunch of beets and some eggplants like they were the strangest things she’d ever seen. I wanted to be like, “these are called vegetables…they’re how not to get fat”.
    PS: totally feel ya on the slow walkers…I will seriously leave my husband in the dust so I can get around these people when we’re out and about…I tell him where I’m headed and book it…grrr…hate slow walkers.
    PPS: planks, planks, and more planks are what’s keeping my ab work interesting and suprisingly effective…quickest results I’ve seen! 😀

  3. Agreed on the calorie counting, crap fuel is still crap fuel even if its a 100 calories worth, eat a damn apple! I am not sure if I would be proud or emabrassed by my total calories consumed either. lol

  4. Just found your blog – fun & funny! 🙂

    And I tooooooooootally agree on slow walkers and aisle blockers. I’m glad that others get that crazed “must find an escape path” feeling, too… I totally took out the edge of a cardboard center aisle display at Walmart once in a desperate attempt to get around a woman who was pushing her cart with her elbow as she tried to text. I even bumped her cart as I squeezed past, but she never looked up from the phone. Sigh.

  5. Yes, people who feel they are the only ones in a store (or wherever) and take their sweet time irritate the hell out of me. There are other people in this world besides you! (Obv, not you, you.. But the other people you :)) That brings me to another thing that I hate: rude/inconsiderate people. I wait and hold a door open for a person. They walk in with their phone buried in their ear. Not a thank you, eat shit, nod… Nothing. So I yell “Oh, you’re welcome!” to them. I have lots of things that irritate me, so I won’t hijack your blog. 🙂 I LOVE that picture of the sunset!

  6. if you do in fact suffer from heart burn…try apple cider vinegar. works like a charm for me. try a teaspoon or two (I take a shot). I heard cutting out caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate works too…but I can’t speak from personal experience. oh yeah…looking good btw

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