Mashed Up

Yesterday, a friend referred me to Mayor Marwan and holy balls, it’s mashup/remix heaven. He posts a ton of music that’s all downloadable from Soundcloud, so the quality is great. AND, he only posts GOOD mashups and remixes. There is so much shit music out there, and fewer things in life are more disappointing that a bad mashup (for me at least). I hate getting excited, all pumped up, seeing two songs in a title and I’m like YES this is going to be EPIC and then you play it and want to cry tears of sorrow. Some “DJ’s” just have zero sense of rhythm. But this dude knows what’s up. And he’s also from Boston. Wicked awesome.

Anyways, I debuted some new jams in class this morning that I got from his site yesterday. I got great feedback and am looking forward to finding more jams! I’m like a kid in a candy shop discovering new music. Although, I am also sometimes the bratty kid in a candy shop who spits out their candy and starts bawling when they find something they don’t like. That analogy was a stretch. I’m not taking it back.

My absolute favorites were the Biggie Smalls jams from Steely Chan. He mashed them up with really upbeat, jazzy, horn filled songs, labeled as “Afro Hip Hop Funk”. I dig it. Perfect for quick jumps and general dancing on the bike.



(I don’t know how to make these embed into here.. so just click on the links. And download those suckas!!)

Rants and raves post coming soon. Who else got their sweat in this morning??



3 thoughts on “Mashed Up

  1. I’m and early afternoon ‘sweater’. In fact, I am about the go hit it, after I post this comment. Given the links you posted, I am not sure if the musical suggestion I am about to bestow will be digestible, but like you, I love discovering new music and sharing it. Anyway, the group is Infected Mushroom. Broadly, they are EDM. They are from Israel. Find your own favorites, but one suggestion I will propose is “Elation Nation,” I used it to keep my driver awake, going 80 at 3am, on the the home front, from New Orleans to St. Louis.

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