4th of July Recap

Every time I type “recap”, I ALWAYS add an “e” so it’s “recape”. Every single time. Fancy, huh?

Everyone have a good Fourth? Mine was great. Kind of weird having it in the middle of the week but I’ll take it. Tom and I left work early and got down the Cape around 4. That night, his family had a big barbecue with some amazeballs food, including some fresh striper that his dad caught the day before. So good. Later, we met a bunch of our friends out at one of our favorite bars, Chart Room. It’s sort of a Cape Cod establishment, and we always hop on the bandwagon and go. I’ve sort of given up on drinking though. Ever since I did my 30 day cleanse after Memorial Day, I’ve had zero interest in alcohol. I just feel so much better not drinking it. And then when you’re out and you’re sober and you see drunk people slurring their words and stumbling around and making fools of themselves, you’re like, “oh.. so this is what I’m missing. Okay, I’m cool with that”. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m an old lady now, but I don’t really care. I’m still happy to go out and see friends and hang, I’m just all set with not feeling like shit the next morning and not remembering my evening. I think my friends are pretty psyched that they have a semi-permanent DD now.

The next morning, since I didn’t feel like death (win) I hit the gym with my friend Sam (from our Couples Challenge!) I did an AWESOME workout that I think y’all will enjoy! I’ve been much better at hitting the gym in addition to spin lately, and I’m already seeing results. I’m also sore as a mofo today, so teaching tonight should be interesting..


  • 25-30 minutes cardio (the ArcTrainer was my weapon of choice, doing varying intervals of inclines, strength and speed)
  • 3×12- squats on stability pads, frontal raises with 5lb medicine ball
  • 3×12- pushups on upside down Bosu ball, 30 seconds of mountain climbers on upside down Bosu ball in between sets.
  • 3×12- bicep curls. Alternate between hammer curls and regular ones
  • 3×12- tricep dips. At the end of each set, get into lowest dip and hold for 15 seconds. Burn, baby, burn!
  • 10 minute ab circuit (exercises of your choosing. I stuck to various forms of crunches and leg lifts and wanted to die after)

(I’m trying to get better at taking pics/asking people to take pics of me at the gym.. bear with me!)

This workout kicked my butt. Every part of my body is sore today. I sort of prefer targeting specific muscles on different days, but these full body workouts are great for when you’re in a time crunch/want to kick your butt.

The rest of the 4th was great. We went to our friends pool and hung out for the day, where I unfortunately caused a scene when I split open my toe and turned the pool deck into something straight out of CSI. Seriously, I’ve never had a wound bleed so much. It didn’t even hurt! I was just awkwardly sitting on the deck as blood pooled around my body. I may not drink, but I really know how to make an entrance at a party.

Said toe injury. The huge piece of gauze really made a nice addition to my super attractive Flintstone feet.

The rest of the day/evening was spent at another barbecue, watching some beautiful fireworks, and shutting the country club bar down. Wild times, let me tell you. I even indulged in late night drunk munchies with everyone, even though I wasn’t drunk. Or hungry. Fail. The two huge zits developing on my face are a big F U to my lack of self control. Definitely going to be giving myself an ass whooping tonight on the bike 🙂

It’s almost the weekend again! Woot Woot!



5 thoughts on “4th of July Recap

  1. I almost never drink for the effect…only when I am seeing the in-laws (j/k I am not even married)
    Anyway, I love the taste of wine and beer, but I love exercise even more and combining both into one lifestyle is nearly impossible (hmmm….then what do you plan to do with those 250 bottles of wine you collected? Idiot! 😛 )

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