A Weekend Off

I did something this weekend I haven’t done in months- I rested. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No working out for this chica. Well, it wasn’t entirely planned. I was supposed to teach my class down the Cape on Saturday, but I got that STUPID sickness again Friday night. WTF. I made a doctor’s appointment for Thursday so will hopefully have some answers soon. I was wicked bummed to cancel my class- there was a big fitness expo down there and I had really been looking forward to it. But I was so sick there was no way I was going to be able to wake up at 6am and get down there.

Woof. Enough with the bad stuff. It ended up being a blessing in a curse. I usually take Sundays and sometimes Fridays as my “off” days, but it was nice to have 3 whole days in a row of relaxing. I ended up sleeping most of Saturday (because I was up all night Friday) out by the pool, slept in on Sunday, and had a late aftenoon snooze on Sunday (I NEVER do that!). But it was awesome. I think my body was in some serious need of rest. I ended up taking the whole “rest” thing a little too far and splurged a little on my diet. My boyfriend and I went to a big family party Saturday night and I got a little aggressive with the dessert table. I just can’t help myself. I was prepared though and Tums and ginger tea immediately after I indulged. Win! I may or may not have had a piece of lemon strawberry cake for breakfast the next day. We don’t need to talk about it.

In addition to catching up on sleep, getting some sun, and stuffing my face with baked goods, I DID eat some good food. Friday night, Tom and I went to Barlow’s, a restaurant in the Seaport/Fort Point/Southie part of town. This place is a hidden gem. It’s kind of an industrial part of town, but there’s a huge deck for outdoor seating and live music. AND parking. Woah. AND- get ready, TONS of gluten free options! I immediately commented on the menu as soon as we sat down, I was so happy to see so many options. About 10 minutes later, my boyfriend asked me what “GF” stood for all over the menu. Glad to know men pay attention. We split some chicken wings, a tomato and fresh mozzarella salad (OMG DAIRY) and I had a smoked salmon salad with avocado and cucumber relish. Amazeballs.

While I think it’s amazing that so many restaurants and grocery stores are offering gluten free items, you should still be weary. Even though it’s gluten free, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t stuffed with a whole lot of processed garbage, and it doesn’t mean it’s any better for you  As always, check your labels. I mean, I really shouldn’t be talking. I housed some desserts this weekend that were clearly processed, had gluten, and were not Paleo whatsoever. BUT. In general, I’m label conscious. Maybe I should have saved this topic for a later post? 😉 Anyone else splurge this weekend?

Scenes from our walk post dinner. I love this city

Also, I got dressed up like a big girl and did my hair for the party on Saturday. Let me tell you that this is a rare occasion. I did my first ever sock bun. There’s a pair of tights on top of my head! Have you guys seen this trend? It was really easy to do and I felt all fancy and shiz. Until I pulled a million bobby pins and nylons out of my head, that is. Check out this tutorial if you are hair illiterate like me!

Holy balls it’s Monday again.



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