Life Changing Discoveries

I’m really sorry we’ve been slacking all week. I hate making excuses, but work has been really hectic, and there’s been stuff happening every night. We’ll be resuming our normal blogging schedules next week! We’re also going to get to hang out in person, which is a rare occurrence. I legit don’t think we’ve seen each other in a month! Anyways.. sort of toying with the idea of doing a vlog… I’ve always been against them, because I think I would feel super awkward in front of a camera, but it seems to be the “it” thing to do these days. What do you guys think? Tons of FitFluential peeps vlog (what a weird word)… do you feel odd when you do it? Would you actually want to see Erica and I live in action or will you gauge your eyeballs out in boredom? Let us know..

So, I discovered some life changing things this week. Products that I want to share with you (disclaimer: I am not being endorsed by ANY of these brands!) I am just genuinely psyched about these and want to share with y’all. Apologies if you follow me on Instagram and have seen these before. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram.. get on it! @Emboslice.

The Back Bay Micro Chopped Salad from Met BarHoly crap. I can’t even tell you how epic this salad is. It has SO much goodness in it- broccoli, beets, tomatoes, bacon, corn (I know, not Paleo.. sue me) an ENTIRE avocado, and your choice of protein (I got salmon). Obviously, a salad like this would be easy to replicate at home, but we’ve been going here after spin for our Social Sweat. If you live in Boston, I highly highly recommend it!

Stronger Faster Healthier Protein: I’m in the market for a new protein, and my friend Lisa highly recommended this. Since she’s a badass CrossFitter, I took her word for it. It is AMAZING. I preferred the chocolate flavor over vanilla (duh) and I mixed it with my normal shake.. coconut milk, bananas, strawberries, etc. I don’t know the science behind protein, and won’t pretend like I do, but I felt really incredible after I drank it, and I wasn’t as sore as I normally am the morning after a workout. SFH is a family owned company from Maine. Check out more of their products here!

Terra Sweet Potato Chips: Sorry for the crumpled picture- I had to retrieve it out of the trash after I inhaled the whole bag. These chips are SOO good. And all natural. Give me a bag of these and some guacamole and I am a happy girl.

The Way I Push It: Timbaland AND Salt N’ Pepa remixed? I let out a little yelp of joy when I heard this at my desk, and immediately started booty tapping.

Tide Febreze Sport Laundry Detergent: I am a total sucker for advertising (good thing I work in the industry.. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em) so if I see something that tells me it’s going to make my clothes not smell like the inside of a septic tank, I am down. I did my first load last night, and this lives up to the label. Just to give you a little perspective on my laundry situation- my hamper is full of plastic bags with my spin clothes. If you’ve ever been to Recycle, you know that you sweat. A LOT. Literally my clothes are soaking wet after I finish a class (whether I taught it or took one) so I throw them in a plastic bag after class so it doesn’t contaminate everything else in my gym bag. I do laundry a couple times a week, but let’s just say that sweaty, wet clothes don’t smell any better after 3 days. I am SO thankful and appreciative of this new discovery. My workout gear smelt so fresh and so clean clean this morning. This is an ESSENTIAL for sweaty beasts!

Any other must-have products that I’m missing from the list? Sidenote- we talked about poop on Wednesday and now my horrible laundry situation today. I really feel like we’ve grown a lot closer. For better or for worse…

Have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “Life Changing Discoveries

  1. I like that protein too but it’s too expensive for me. It does seem to be a crossfit-favorite though.

  2. Anything sweet potato, I love! Well, since I feel as if we’re in a “judgement free zone” here, I’ll tell you this: I air out my clothes after a workout. I put my sports bra over a tall slim fan, then hang my shirt and shorts on the side of my hamper. I’m awkward in person…can’t imagine putting it on a vlog.. O_o

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