Humpday Jams

What I’ve been digging lately in my classes!

This has a great beat for doing weights. Definitely could be used for a hill or jumps too

Normally, a band as heavy as NIN isn’t in my repertoire, but this song is f-ing unreal. I used it for a hill with sprint intervals. Bomb diggity

Tell me your booty doesn’t want to tap to this. I dare you.

Chromeo was MADE for arm pumps. So good. And the guys are so cute and goofy. Love

ALSO- totally random. Let’s get up close and personal. Do you work in an office? Are you a female? If you answered yes to both of these questions, let me ask you: do women in your bathroom awkwardly sit in the stall for 10 minutes waiting for you to leave so they can take a shit? I just want to scream out “I KNOW YOU HAVE TO POO. JUST DO IT AND BE ON YOUR MERRY WAY”. Like, I know what you’re doing. Is a moment of awkwardness with a stranger really worth you sitting on the toilet and holding it in? You’re in a bathroom. You’re allowed to poo. It’s actually expected. It’s not like you’re walking up to someone’s desk and announcing you have to take a dump. Seriously. Get over it. Everyone poops.

On that note.. Happy Humpday 🙂





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