Healthy Living Summit 2012

Sorry about being debbie downer the other day! My 2 weeks of spinsanity are over, so I’m going to take a few days off from working out. Still eating clean, but I think focusing on resting my body is important.

ANYHOO- you may have noticed a super cool shiny badge on the right side of the site! It’s for the Healthy Living Summit, a blogging event that takes place in Boston. I’m SO excited to go, as I’ll get to meet lots of my FitFluential crushes and meet some wicked awesome people (sidenote: if you’re attending from out of town, start incorporating “wicked” into your vocab, ASAP).

There’s nothing better than getting packages in the mail. Unless they’re anthrax. That would probably suck. Last night, after teaching 2 back to back classes and walking home in the suffocating heat (literally was sweating non stop 3 hours) I was beat and was going tunnel vision towards my fridge to attack whatever food was in there. But I stumbled over a big box when I walked into my apartment. I usually get packages shipped to my office to avoid someone stealing something from my porch (I lived in Brooklyn for 4 years, I got my back up!) and I was confused. I saw my name, along with my blog name under it, and my first thought was “wow I feel so legit” but then I obviously wanted to know what was inside. This is becoming a ramble. The POINT IS- I was even MORE excited when I finally opened the package and found a bunch of goodies from Wild Harvest!

They’re going to be sponsoring HLS and are sending out goodie bags to all bloggers that are attending. The Shaw’s by my office has a ton of Wild Harvest products, so I’m familiar with the brand- local, organic, awesome. The package included some spices, applesauce, mango peach salsa, black beans, granola, animal crackers, and peanut butter. While I can’t eat some of the products (RIP animal crackers.. I used to love you so much) I’m looking forward to testing out the others! Mango peach salsa on some salmon? To my face, please.

Are you going to HLS? This is my first blogging event! What should I expect, besides meeting some kick ass people?



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