Weekend Recap/What’s Wrong with Me?

Tuesday again. Where are the weeks going??

I spent the first of many weekends down the Cape. I’m going to be teaching Saturday mornings at a country club in Mashpee, which I’m psyched about. It’s a great excuse to go down every weekend! This Saturday I taught my first class. It was interesting… definitely a different crowd and a slower pace than I’m used to, but it will be a good challenge to create some new classes. I know the style I teach is different from traditional spinning, so it will take some getting used to, but hopefully they warm up to me. And I’m looking forward to hopefully working with the same group of people all summer to get them up them up to the same pace and speed I’m used to!

So, remember a couple weeks ago when I had that weird chills/fever/shakes/throwing up in the middle of the night? No? You don’t? Wow, thanks for your concern. Great friends over here… 🙂 Well a couple of weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with crazy chills, I was freezing, shaking uncontrollably, shivering, sweating, and eventually threw up. And then was totally fine the next day. Until the next night when it came back again. Same exact thing. Then I was fine the whole next day. I thought it was bizarre but didn’t dwell on it too much. Until it came back again this weekend. Saturday night, around 10PM, I was curled up in bed wearing sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, fleece, and 3 blankets, AND enlisted the help of my boyfriend, who is a human furnace. I was still freezing and shaking like crazy. I finally was able to fall asleep only to be woken up by my stomach telling me it violently needed to throw up. And then I felt fine after. UNTIL IT CAME BACK AGAIN SUNDAY NIGHT.

WTF?? What is going on? I’m the type of person that NEVER throws up, like ever. I hate it so much, and usually only get sick once a year. Now, since March (when I had that stomach bug) I’ve thrown up 5 times. That’s a lot for someone that rarely gets sick. So what is wrong with me? I have a few theories (disclaimer: I am by no means a doctor or nutritionist, so these are just wild guesses based on my cottonhead assumptions)

1.) Eating too clean? The first time I got sick back in March, I was halfway through my 30 day challenge. I’m currently 20 days into another 30 day challenge, and last time I got sick (about a month ago) I had been doing a mini cleanse as well. Is it because I’m eating too clean during these periods, that if I slip outside the realm my body instantly rejects it? For example, we had ribs on Saturday night that had barbecue sauce. Could my body have just rejected something like that? My initial thoughts are no, since it was such a minimal amount, but who knows?

2.) Do I have an allergy? I found out last year that my stomach doesn’t handle gluten so well, and have been avoiding it like the plague ever since. But what if I misdiagnosed it and am allergic to something else? Maybe even just a random spice that could be found in certain foods? Maybe another protein in wheat? Either way, I’m making an appointment with an allergist today. It’s worth getting tested.

3.) Too much exercise? I’ve been working out more than usual the past week, subbing a bunch of classes, doubling up, etc, and looking back on when I got sick before, I also was exceeding my normal workouts. Could this have something to do with it? Are the levels in my body all out of wack in terms of regulating my body temperature and stress levels? I tend to think that working out more makes me feel better.. I conk out at night, am more energized throughout the day, have a great appetite.. but could it actually be hurting me?

4.) Overeating? The few times this has happened, I’ve noticed it’s been after large meals. Am I too much of a fatty that I can’t use some portion control?? Or am I just used to eating small meals throughout the day so my body goes into shock when I cram a ton of food in my belly? If so.. that would be pretty pathetic of me.

5.) No, I’m not preggers 🙂

Yeah, sorry that was SUCH a ramble. Like I said, I’m going to schedule an appointment with a doctor so I can just get to the bottom of this, but wanted to see if any of you guys have experienced anything similar? Any suggestions or thoughts as to what this could be? Shed some knowledge! I’ll leave you with my new favorite jam so that this wasn’t just a huge waste of your time, but any insight is much appreciated!



7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap/What’s Wrong with Me?

  1. The variance and severity of consequences that can result from sudden changes are broad. Diving too quickly, coming up too quickly, climbing a mountain without acclimating, etc. The point is changes need to be eased into and balanced out. I eat a wide variety of food, but if I went on a Sonic or BK marathon, it would turn me inside-out, (Great song pick btw! It just ended; I think I’ll restart it so I can finish my thought) I would say there is a strong correlation between your ‘cleansing’ diets and your issues, since from what you said, they seem to co-exist. I am not sure what you have eliminated or cut back on, but for exercising, I have found that the two things health professionals, and society in general, say to stay away from are extremely important: fat and salt. I run outside, and today it’s going to be 94 degrees with 50% humidity. I learned my lesson about sodium intake last week. I am not sure where I am going with this, so I would go see someone, because my parents being doctors doesn’t make me an authority haha.

    Feel better…

  2. I am obviously no expert but I have definitely been a victim of overtraining. It sounds like you might be right with theory #3. Too much cardio can totally screw with your immune system and really run you down. Your electrolyte levels can also get messed up if you aren’t rehydrating properly. Even if you are drinking a ton of water, you have to replenish the extra salts and potassium you’re losing in those additional sweat sessions. Grab a coconut water for your spin classes instead of regular water and see if that helps!

  3. I agree with the two aforementioned thoughts. The change in diet and increase in activity can definitely take a toll on one’s body. So…since I’m not an expert and I don’t want to be an echo, I do hope you find out what’s going on and feel better!!

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