Epic 90s Playlist

Last week, I posted about my Epic 80’s Playlist, and I decided to keep things rollin’ through the generations and got down and dirty with some sweet 90’s jams last night.

Jock Jams? Check. Tag Team & Eurythmics? Done and done. BSB? NBD. But by far, my two favorites were “Mambo No. 5” and “Livin’ la Vida” Loca. I remember those two songs coming out the summer I was going into 5th grade, and I literally could not stop listening to them. I had both singles on CD (applauding my 9 year old self for realizing that it probably wasn’t worth my allowance to buy a full length Lou Bega or Ricky Martin album..) and would alternate between them on repeat. And I ALWAYS used to make my mom blast “Livin la Vida Loca” on my way to soccer practice. Got me so pumped. I was so cool. Naturally, I finished off class with LLVL, which got me as equally pumped as my 9 year old self. I am still so cool..?

Don’t even lie and tell me those didn’t get you pumped up. Don’t you lie to me!



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