Why Being Paleo Makes Me a Horrible Person

I’m back, I’m back! Sorry for sucking, I’ve been at a client with literally no internet access. Work is so boring when you can’t spend endless hours on G-chat, Pinterest or Facebook. So instead, I spend my mornings thinking about what I want for lunch and the afternoons thinking about what I want for dinner. I mean, this would be fine and all if the nearest “restaurant” wasn’t a Subway 20 minutes away. Yes, it’s that sort of town. You know, the ones people describe as “sleepy” and “quaint”? When in reality people mean “boring” and “not a lot of food options”. Luckily, we’re staying 40 minutes south in Portsmouth, NH which is the cutest little city/town ever with amaaaazing restaurants.

So, since I’ve had a lot of downtime without internet, I’ve been able to perfect my “I have a gluten allergy story”. Saying you have an allergy just seems so much easier than explaining to someone why the bagel they are eating is slowly killing them. It just seems more socially acceptable.


In the last year, I’ve gotten some pretty great reactions to my gluten allergy story. Some feel bad, some don’t understand and some react as if I just told them I have some sort of terminal illness. Today, when I told the secretary I didn’t eat gluten (I ordered a salad instead of pizza) she looked at me and said “oh honey I’m so sorry to hear that, it must be so hard for you”. Seriously?!

How do you guys handle questions about your diet? Do any of you lie and say you have an allergy like I do? I need to know!



11 thoughts on “Why Being Paleo Makes Me a Horrible Person

  1. by far my favorite ecard ever. I don’t have a wheat allergy, but with my gi stuff I tend to go on and off gluten free diets, so I always just lie and say “I have an allergy” and NEVER make eye contact. That helps.

  2. It takes conviction to adopt and stick with the lifestyle you have. If you look at the lives most people live, they have no conviction. They eat, buy, and believe what other people eat, buy and believe, so they can hinge themselves to others for psychological support. From my own experiences, when someone with conviction expresses something to someone without it, it is usually interpreted as a threat, sort of calling them out on what they’re doing is wrong. It does not matter what is true, what is false, what it right, or what is wrong. You bring out the insecurities in a person when you plant a self-defining ‘flag’.
    So long story short, unless you’re dealing with someone close, who knows and understands you, or someone who you know has some conviction, don’t rock the boat, and just lie. 😛

  3. My go-to when asked why I’m eating or ordering a certain thing is to say “it doesn’t agree with me.” People generally think that means it will give me the runs and they quickly move off the subject!

  4. You’re in my hood!! Totally lie. I really do have food sensitivities. But its easier to say “I’m allergic” than it is to explain what that entails.

  5. I don’t follow any sort of diet, but I don’t think you should feel as if you have to explain yourself to people and the choices you make when it comes to food you put into your body. But I do love Jackie’s comment! 🙂

  6. The part of me who always wants to help out a friend whenever I can tries to explain why Paleo is awesomeness… But most people definitely look at you like you’re so sort of crazy. I try to scope out the menu online before I go out anywhere to eat so I have in my head what I’m ordering before I get there :p (geek, I know) I haven’t tried the allergy lie, but will for sure! Great tip 😉

  7. People can often be really weird about diet choices (kind of like people at a party trying to force the sober ones to ‘just have one drink’).

    Today I walked into my 9.30am meeting with my manager and he basically thrust a plate of cupcakes in my face and said have one.
    I know he was just being nice because his wife made them for him to bring to work, but even after I told him three times (nicely of course!) that I didn’t want one he jokingly said that if I didn’t eat one it would be reflected in my half-year performance review! I’m getting fit and eating clean and it was 9.30AM!!!
    He was only joking, thank goodness, but it just seems that some people just don’t like others getting healthy or being fit because it reminds them that theyre not. They need a partner in their unhealthy crime!

    Good on you for being committed to your paleo lifestyle. I love reading all your recipes!

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