Western Weekend Recap

Going off my theory that Mondays don’t exist, and Tuesdays are the beginning of the week. Seriously, I don’t think my brain was turned on yesterday, so therefore, I am pretending that the day just didn’t happen.

So happy beginning of the week SEGR’s!! I was in Montana this past weekend. My grandparents live out there, and unfortunately aren’t in the best health. My grandfather was sent home from the hospital last week so he could rest peacefully at home with his family and friends, so I flew out with my brother this weekend to say goodbye. It was really sad, but he’s been sick for awhile and seems really at peace with what’s happening to him. His mind is still sharp as a tack so we had a great visit with him. Even though it was so hard to say goodbye (I’m very close with my grandfather) I’m really glad that we went out there.

Anyways, not trying to drop a big SAD bomb on your faces this morning! Wanted to recap how to stay in shape when you’re traveling, so here’s a little low down on how my weekend went..

Friday 1PM: Go to Trader Joe’s and pick up excessive amount of snacks for the plane (I always end up eating double my body weight when I travel. I think it’s half out of boredom/half I pretend it’s the time change.. “my body is confused, it doesn’t know what time it is!” No Emily, you’re just a fatty). Point is- prepare! You’ll be less tempted to eat airport junk food when you have snacks on hand. I got a bunch of dried fruit, nuts, and plantain chips.

Friday 3PM: HAUL ASS to catch the train to the airport. I am talking full on sweat pourin’ sesh. Thank God I was wearing TOMS and not flip flops. Legit took me about 15 minutes to catch my breath and for my sweat to dry. Getting to sit in my dry, stinky sweat for the next 12 hours was certainly a treat.

Friday 5PM: After nomming on some lobster salad at Legal Sea Foods in the airport, my brother challenges me to climb up the stairs with our suitcases instead of taking the escalator. Umm.. have you been to the Delta terminal at Logan Airport? Oh you haven’t? It might possibly be the biggest escalator in the world. It’s a bitch. Here’s a pic from Architect Magazine (fancy)

Yeah, so it was probably about 100 steps. Michael and I booked it to the top, each carrying our 25 lb suitcases, probably getting really weird looks from the normal folk on the escalator. So once my sweat had dried from sweating to the train, it was pourin’ again. Great.

Friday 6-9PM: Consume majority of the snacks I brought for the entire trip on the first flight. Whoops.

Friday 10PM: Second flight is delayed. Get a Greek salad at the airport. Dinner #2, no big deal.

Friday 12PM: They decide to cancel our flight. Nervously consume entire bag of dried mangos as we try to re-book and get a hotel.

Saturday 7AM: Head back to airport with van full of uber friendly Westerners. Seriously, it was hard to be a pissed off Bostonian when you were surrounding by happy, smiling people. Direct quote from someone after I was complaining about our travel woes “Well… today is a new day!”

(our reaction..)

Saturday 9AM: Don’t make standby on the first flight. Consume delicious all natural fruit and protein shake from UFood. Also a bag of plantain chips. Michael and I find some more stairs to climb with our suitcases. I start sweating again. Vicious cycle.

Saturday 11AM: We finally are en route to Montana. 10,000 calories later.

So the point of that little recap was just to show that it is possible to make healthy choices on the road and even get in a little exercise if you’re stuck in an airport. Are there any gyms in airports? There should be. If I knew anything about business or had any money, I would do that. Is there a way to patent my idea? I’ll just say it here: if anyone puts gyms in airports before me I’ll sue you! Ha! No but really, someone should do that.

If you haven’t been to Montana, you should get out there. Hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Since this has been the post random post ever, I’ll leave you with some pics that have nothing to do with fitness, but have everything to do with eye candy and beauty.

My grandparents house and backyard. Favorite view in the world.

The sky varies SO much out there. Both of these pictures were taken from the same point, just facing opposite directions. Crazy huh?

These ones are from last summer

My grandfather has been compiling a notebook over the past few years of the most valuable things he’s learned in life. It’s a really amazing collection of inspiration and wisdom, but I’ll leave you with my favorite one today. Little food for thought while you’re training

“All limits are self imposed”



7 thoughts on “Western Weekend Recap

  1. I went on an instagram-liking binge of all of your Montana photos. Breathtaking. I am really sorry that your grandfather is not well, I can only imagine how difficult this must be. But he sounds like a really awesome guy. That inspiration he shared? Spot on. Also (as this comment becomes a novella), I’ve experienced the Delta staircase and I award you 10,000 points for your suitcase running prowess. xo

  2. I think it’s really great that you stayed focused on health and nutrition, not only while in transit, but also during a tough emotional time. I think so many people go through hard times and just think “F*** it,” but that’s when it’s most important to care for yourself! Cheesy hippy self-love moment!!!

  3. Such a sweet ending 🙂
    But seriously it’s a fun read 🙂 i don’t even imagine what I would be eating being stuck in airport 🙂 love the exercising idea!

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