Epic 80’s Playlist

I’ve been subbing/will be subbing a bunch this summer, which I’m psyched about! I love getting to meet new people who frequent other classes besides my own. And they get to meet me… for better or for worse…

Last week I subbed a REROCK POWER HOUR class (caps worthy) so naturally I decided that an 80’s rock playlist was in order. I’m kind of obsessed with all of these songs and may or may not be listening to this playlist on repeat and incorporating many of these jams into my non-80’s classes. Just sayin’….

Pretty amazeballs, if I do say so myself. The class was SO much fun and it flew by. Definitely will be reusing this bad boy. Here were a few of my favs (besides Sussudio.. duh)

Am I missing any gems? Let me know your fav 80’s jams!



17 thoughts on “Epic 80’s Playlist

  1. Safety Dance comes to mind as a quintessential 80’s tune. Metallica’s pre-commercial success classic years were all 80’s too; Kill em All, Lightning, Puppets, Justice albums. Aerosmith anybody? so many good bands and songs.

  2. Funny you should mention this… I did a post today on Nightranger’s Sister Christian! If you can work that into a routine, you’re more amazing than I thought. http://wp.me/p1ByJK-Bf

    Off the top of my head – you can probably add anything from Prince, Big Audio Dynamite’s Rush, David Bowie’s Modern Love, Erasure, and Mellencamp’s I Need a Lover…

  3. The Kinks “Come Dancing” always gets me smiling and wiggling a bit. “Safety Dance” for sure, anything MJ andPaula Abdul’s “forever your girl” tape. yes tape. I’m aging myself here.

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  5. again, maybe a bit too heavy for your target audience, but you should at least be able to squeak in “I wanna rock” from Twisted Sister. “Bang Your Head” by Quiet Riot, not so much, maybe. TS was glam enough they had chicas in the fanbase tho. SJP even plugged them in Disney’s “The Navigator”. Before she was all Sex in the City. wait, were you even born yet when The Navigator came out?

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