Food Diary: Week One

So, our Couples Challenge officially started on Friday. Unofficially, I started last Tuesday after a gluttonous Memorial Day weekend. Which means, I’m 8 days in. So, instead of a 23 day challenge, it’s really the legit 30 day challenge. Are you bored yet?

It’s frigging AMAZING how quickly your body responds to eating good food. Even though I’ve been eating Paleo for awhile, I was being not so good the past month. The weather has been nice, lots of beach time, lots of ice cream, excuses excuses. In some ways, I’m glad I was cheating because it gave me that much more incentive to get back on track. And, it’s sort of fun doing it with other people, knowing that you’re being held accountable and you’re all in it together.

Sam and I started a mutual food diary (entitled Sammy + Embo’s Belly Diaries) and it’s been an awesome way to stay focused and stay on track. Every time I eat something I just throw it in the doc (not to be confused with Fabolous, who throws it in the bag). I’ve been feeling great the past week- lots of energy, sleeping like a rock, and working out a ton. It feels goooood to be back! The boys have been doing really well too.. they’ve been sticking to their goals and it will be interesting to see who the winners are in the end!

Soo wanna see what I’ve been eating?! Sure you do. This past week and this upcoming week are a little nutty (I’m subbing a bunch for spin, and work has been picking up) so I’ve been concentrating on making bulk amounts of quick, easy recipes so I’m always prepared. As a result, I end up eating the same thing for a couple days in a row but whatevaaa! Also- I discovered all natural, non processed sweet potato chips and plantain chips at Trader Joe’s that have changed my life.

If you’re starting the Whole30, or ate an excessive amount of sweet potato chips in one sitting, this tea by Republic of Tea is amazeballs. Don’t worry, it won’t make you poo your pants, but it does settle your stomach and make you feel.. uhhh.. lighter.


My go-to breakfast smoothie

Another life changing food that I discovered this week- sashimi salmon and tuna rolls wrapped in cucumber…no rice! Ah-mazing. Thank you Haru

Veggie night- sauteed brussel sprouts, onions, pine nuts, and lemon

My mom is the best cook. Probably in the world. Not even kidding. These are homemade lamb burgers over oven roasted veggies. I can’t even begin to tell you how good these are. Like, my mouth is watering looking at them now. I need to stop. And move onto another photo. But I can’t!!! OMG so good.  I’ll get the recipe from her and post it on here, once I stop drooling all over my keyboard.

Ginger salmon with a cucumber orange salsa (recipe from PaleOMG.. duh) served with some bomb-I’ll-make-yo-pee-stink-fo-days asparagus.

So those are just some staples I’ve had the past week. Some other lifesavers have been grapefruit, avocado, Al Fresco chicken sausages, spaghetti squash, and sweet potatoes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- the key to eating clean is PREPARATION. So do yourself and your body a favor and get up a few minutes earlier or go to bed a little later and plan your meals for the day! It is worth it, I promise you 🙂

I know there are a ton of June challenges happening right now. How’s everyone doing with their progress? Any tips for newbies?



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