Reason #43287492 Why I Love My Gym

I’m going to get all sappy here for a minute, so bear with me. As I’m sure you guys can tell, I freaking love my gym. Seriously, I love everything about it; the trainers, the people, the community-I even love the pull-up structure.  However, with everything that there is to love, I must say the most amazing thing about my gym are the members. Everyone shows up and busts their ass day after day. The stuff these people accomplish is absolutely mind blowing. One of the ladies increased her deadlift some 30 or so pounds in a month. How AMAZING is that?! She is such an inspiration, I can only hope to have as much heart as she does someday.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago (almost three now, WOOT), my gym started a Paleo challenge. The Challenge includes a point system where you can get up to six points a day for eating clean, taking fish oil and working out. At the beginning of the Challenge all the athletes completed three benchmark WODs including Fran, a 400 meter sprint and a 2 rep max deadlift. Each benchmark WOD was held on a different day to prevent everyone from dying (can you imagine trying to bust out a 2 rep max deadlift after Fran? Didn’t think so). However, something came up at work and I ended up missing the 400 meter sprint. I dreaded it all week. As if running wasn’t bad enough, I knew I would be making it up on my own. How embarrassing.

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So, on the last day of the benchmark WODs, I sucked it up and asked the trainer if he could time me. He turned to the class and said something along the lines of “who’s running Erica’s 400 with her”. Every single person in that 5:30am class headed outside and ran with me. Every single person. How amazing is that?! I know it seems trivial, but it really meant a lot to me. I’m sure everyone was exhausted after the WOD. I am sure everyone had places they needed to be. But that morning, it didn’t matter. I am forever grateful for everyone that made that run suck a little less.

I think I’m just getting emotional since I haven’t been able to work out in a week. Or because I’m super exhausted today since I tried to get our new cat to sleep with me and ended up worrying that I’d crush her all night. OMG, I love our new little member of the family. Her name is Charlotte and we rescued her on Tuesday. She’s the cutest and smartest little peanut ever. Even her sneezes are adorable.

Anyways, do you love your gym? Do you have any stories? We’d love to hear them!



One thought on “Reason #43287492 Why I Love My Gym

  1. Ditto feeling , i spend to 2hours daily morning at the alternative medicine center were i am pampered with massage and acupuncture.I love the interaction with strangers and the assistants but the greatest pleasure is receive the healing and see people healed.

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